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Work Breakdown Structure Critical Essay

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In order to organized processes in an organization there are many ways how to achieve it, there can be either improving the internal human resource management or it can be improving customer management. But doing these has to have some tools to use in order to better implement the processes in a way it could really be followed effectively and efficiently and one of the common tool is WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). Work breakdown structure is a way for each processes be represented by components and how it should be operated in a proper order.

In this paper the case to be use is constructing a simple WBS where it could to define the constituent activities for the project, including design, cutting, purchasing, measuring, testing, sewing, marketing and so on, where the marketing department of the company was task to unveil a new line of leather chairs in the company’s 10th year anniversary. In applying WBS, it should apply the different approaches of WBS: top-down, bottom-up, analogy and mind mapping.

And lastly, it should answer the questions that are provided in this case. Starting with the first approach, using the most common top-down approach, below you can see the generated component identified for this case. (See Figure 1). Figure 1. Top-Down Approach In the given top down approach above, you can see that it shows a detailed representation of high level components in the second row down to its sub level components in each at the third row.

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Counterpart presentation to this is the bottom up approach. (See Figure 2). Figure 1. Bottom up Approach For the third approach, which is analogy approach of WBS, it is where each component are presented whether through the help of a bottom up or top down diagram identifying the component or components that need deep analysis and study in order to achieve effective process. Analyzing the case in this paper a more focus on study components includes: building design component and product marketing.

This means the success for this project is to have better and effective design. Design that well fit to its desired customers, but, this alone would not be the only one, it should also has top provide an effective marketing plan for this product to be viable in the market which will be the greatest gauge of success for this project. Lastly, in terms of mind mapping, this approach deals with two separate main tasks which need to be identified by managers on the list of components.

The two tasks are known as: Mutually exclusive and exhaustive. Following the example in Figure 2, the exclusive components includes: Construction and Budget allocation, these components are considered to be exclusive and does not need to interact with other components. While the components that are identified exhaustive or needs more focus and details are: Building design, purchasing raw materials and product marketing.

These components needs extra care and details to succeed in effectively performing these tasks. In answering the questions involved in this case, starting with what approach made more sense, this is actually mind mapping approach, because what makes this more effective is that it segregates tasks that needs better attention and more details and also identifying exclusive ones which can work its own separately.

This approach helps managers easily identify the critical path of the projects. Also, these approaches also identifies to be the more challenging of all since managers need to be critical in identifying these tasks and further identify what better actions need to take and even what risks it may have in order to implement each and every components.

I personally prefer mind mapping because it helps managers or anyone to be more analytic in identifying each components needed for any projects. Lastly, WBS is a success to any project because it helps managers specifically in performing the processes needed for any projects and from that point it could simply identify what critical areas need to have extra attention in order to achieve effective and efficient results for the project. (Baliton, L. , n. d. )

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