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Jennifer Lopez, the promoter (and owner) of the products of the second advert is a very well known image in the celebrity world, and therefore has a bigger influence on people than if she was an unknown woman. The fact that she's naked might also help her with the publicity, however unless we presume that many women are bisexual or lesbian, this fact perhaps isn't particularly necessary. They created a "glowing" image of her by using make up and spotlights and the blurry background around her imitating a shower.

So no wonder the perfume advertised is called "Glow" by "JLo". She has her right arm lifted up so that it covers her breasts (as she's turned to the side but facing the audience), and she's holding something shiny between her fingers, which looks like the sun. And the sun is known for being shiny or glowing. If we look closely, we can also notice some glowing in her eyes. All these little details emphasise on the name of the product. The two characters are very different in the representation of the promoted products, however they are both individuals that people like to look up to. They both seem to have very positive and attractive qualities.

The key images in the "Quiksilver" advert are the picture of the snowboarder in the clothes, the "Quiksilver" logo with the contrasting background and the "painted" name of the brand. The clothes connote quality and style, and the contrasting logo and painted brand name connote freedom, wildness and maybe some sense of art. The previously mentioned qualities are very commonly used, stylish words, and therefore they are good to use since the targeted audience (young men) all seem to chase these qualities. The painted brand name and contrasting logo again give the advert a fresh and young feeling, makes it more informal and by this more people friendly.

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The background image of this advert is a road with a couple of trees by it and a car parked on the side. It is quite a dark background, which contrasts with the logo and its contrasting background colour, and the picture of the snowboarder who s in spotlight. This highlights the products and the brand name. The contrast could also represent a feeling of being special; it makes the audience feel that they will stand out from the "grey" stereotypical surroundings if they wear "Quiksilver" clothes. There is also a small "Quiksilver" logo in the bottom right corner of the advert, it promotes the website of the company (

The images used in the "Glow by JLo" advert are different. They are more artistic and artificial at the same time. They focus more on the senses of the women, than their desires. The gorgeous naked body of Jennifer Lopez behind what seems to be the side panel of a shower is very eye-catching, and the targeted audience will definitely want to find out what the superstar is promoting. It is more likely that people will actually buy the product due to the fact that JLo promotes it. The colours used such as light tones of pink, yellow, brown and generally light colours are glowing, hence emphasising the name of the product ("Glow"). There is a picture of the actual perfume bottle on the page, which also persuades the purchase of it. The picture of Jennifer Lopez under the shower connotes femininity, freshness, erotica and purity. It makes women think they can adopt these features if they use the advertised perfume.

Unlike in the "Quiksilver" advert, there is no contrast between the colours at all on the advert of the "Glow by JLo". The similarity between them is that they are both very friendly and positive; they make their target audience think positively about the product, which is exactly the purpose of the adverts. The fact that they are both famous or respected people for their achievements will also help the adverts persuade the targeted audience to buy the products. The biggest difference is however that as the "Quiksilver" advert is directed at men, it is very masculine; and as the "Glow by JLo" advert is targeted at women, it is very feminine. So they clearly show their target audience.

Generally, the "Quiksilver" adverts looks very simple, and probably that is the message the makers wanted to get across with it. Simplicity, quality and style are the main themes of this advert. The text on the page also shows simplicity, since it only states who is on the picture, and the name of the brand that is being advertised. This could also suggest that the promoted product is not something that has to be written essays about, but something that speaks for itself just by the looks of it, and by the fact that someone such famous and professional user of the clothes is actually wearing them.

The "Glow by JLo" advert uses more computer technology to make the images look enigmatical and to represent the glowing, which is used to symbolise the perfume. This advert is much more sensitive and meaningful, it seems to have a better quality of techniques used. However, this factor is only determined by the money the company was willing to pay for the advert. The picture of the actual perfume bottle also makes it easier to sell, as people like to buy things that they can see. A good picture can mean a lot to people.

The "Quiksilver" advert doesn't use any slogans or words to be remembered. The only important information is the name and profession of the pictured person, and the website of the company. These are both easy to remember. The painted "Quiksilver" word however is quite memorable, since it is presented in an unusual way. All information about the man on the picture is written in small letters, so it doesn't stand out much. Again, the only thing that stands out quite a lot is the brand name; and as that is not presented very clearly, it might take a bit of time to figure out what it says, holding the readers attention.

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