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Tecsmart Electronics Case Study

CASE STUDY: CHAPTER 2 I. TECSMART ELECTRONICS 1. ) Discuss how the practices that TecSmart identified support Deming’s 14 points.

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* Create a Vision and demonstrate commitment- The senior leaders set objectives (mission and vision) and strategic goals of the company. * Learn the new philosophy- The company uses customer feedback, and market research to learn new philosophy and improve quality of work. * Institute trainings – All employees are trained in a 5-step problem solving process and undergo customer relationship training. Improve Constantly and Forever – New product introduction teams work with design engineers and customers to ensure that design requirements are met during the manufacturing and testing. The company goes for a market research to come up with new products and designs. 2. ) How do these practices support the Baldrige criteria? Specifically, identify which of the questions in the criteria each of these practices address. * Leadership – Senior leaders guide cross-functional teams to review and develop individual plans for representation to employees. Strategic Planning- Senior leaders set company objectives * Customer and Market Focus- All complaints are handled by the vice president of sales. All employees received customer relationship training. * Human resource focus- All employees were trained for handling problems. * Process Management – All employees trained in 5 step problem solving process. * Business Results – Quality is assessed through internal audits, employee opinion surveys, and customer feedback. 3. ) What are some obvious opportunities for improvement relative to the Baldrige criteria?

What actions would you recommend that TecSmart do to improve its pursuit of performance excellence using Baldrige criteria? * Key results areas were not defined. * The organization must become active in its governance and social responsibility measures. * Lack of performance measure system that looks into real time marketplace performance, and operational performance. II. Can Six Sigma Work in Health Care? 1. What would be your agenda for this meeting? Stress about accountability and recognize any achievements. 2. What questions would you need answered before proposing a Six Sigma implementation plan?

Questions like does everyone understand our goal why we are implementing this Six Sigma plan and how it can help us improve. Question about S-M-A-R-T should also take into consideration. (Is it systematic, measureable, attainable, realistic, time bound? ) 3. How would you design an infrastructure to support Six Sigma at SLRMC? I will let everyone know that the effectively of Six Sigma depend on making decisions that are critical to your customers and the health of your business. it forces us to think strategically and critically where to allocate our limited resources to fix the most critical issues. CDL