Technology vs. Values & Environment

Last Updated: 31 Mar 2020
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Technology is what governs the aspect of being judged as a developed nation or country. To determine the effect that technology has on the true evolution of a society needs to be considered from two angles. First and foremost technological innovation is what brings about progress. Technological advancements take place when a society needs to make their living more comfortable and safe. This brings up the other point handling technology, the second aspect. Mans needs and wants are rarely distinguishable.

It happens quite often that man cannot outline his basic needs and requirements due to which the technology developed are not in sync with their values and cultures. Technological advancements affect all three spheres of a society- social, political & economical. Therefore over-indulgence in technological progress will indeed lead to the neglect of social, economic and political values. Excess of everything is bad. To begin with technological progress is extremely costly and requires a very large investment.

Large investments in this field would require the fiscal resources allotted to education and removal of poverty in developing nations especially to be decreased. An example of this scenario is the Indian National Congress. The INC made the nuclear deal with the USA. Despite the help being provided by the USA, India will still have to make large investments in setting up large nuclear plants & equipment. Such investments will be made in the light, that even today majority of the population is illiterate and lives below the poverty line.

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Apart from people, persistent technological development poses a grave threat to environment. The present situation of global warming is completely attributed to mindless technological development. The extensive power consumption by factories in the USA is a matter of great contention in the United Nations, as it is a major contributor to global warming. Technology empowers us, true. But with great power, comes great responsibility!

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