Ups and Downs

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People in this world live with ups and downs. Some of us live in abundance and wealth while others live in rough times. Everyday we struggle to survive and live whatever goals we have in life. I can directly admit that each of us, wealthy or poor, must do something for the fulfillment of that purpose in this world. It is up to us if we allow ourselves to be defeated by the trials and hardships that we are experiencing in our life or if we fight and make something great out of ourselves.

I had selected to analyze and learn more about the life of olaudah equiano because i find his life remarkable and inspirational. His life wasnt easy but still he came out to be a great man who made a mark in history. It is amazing how he transitioned from being a slave to a great man to be remembered. It amazed me how his writing helped the slaves and be benefited from what he created and act on it.

I also believe olaudah equianos life was documented with significance because it led a way for people to understand and be aware of the misery of the slave being traded to a foreigners were able to perceive and discern both reasons from those who took the slaves as well as the bad experiences that was inhumane trading. Olaudah equianos life did not only touch my heart but it helped me understand the lives of the slaves back then.

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It is bad enough that they are poor and it even worse that they had to go through this hardships of being taken away from their families and start working at a young age. Its not their fault being poor and be taken for slavery.. This article pertains to the life based on the autobiography of a great man, helped paved a way to the creation of the slave trade act of 1807. It is an act that made trading slaves on british colonies illegal.

The detailed writing of olaudah equianos life pictured the agony and anguish of the slaves that are being kidnapped and traded at a very young age. On top of that they are being sold and are forced to do hard work even if their rights were already being violated. It is heartbreaking. How he described word for word what he had been through while being transported. The thought alone of being away from his family can touch ones heart. I was touched together with those who considered his writing as an eye opener to the readers and the authors of the slave trade act felt the same.

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