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Technology Acceptance Model

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Technology Acceptance Model created by Davis et al. This model is essential in describing the importance of technological innovation in e-commerce and has been an essential model that most online marketing firms and the information system knowledge used widely. As Davis et al. mentioned, technology, as the main channel used in transaction in the e-commerce sector has two particular beliefs, the perceived ease of use and the perceived usefulness. "Perceived ease of use determines the degree at which the person believes that using the system is beneficial for him, and perceived usefulness is the belief at which the person deems the use of the system as free of effort for him" . The Technology Acceptance Model has provided the explanations for online behavior at which technology is given emphasis. It has become beneficial in this study as it provided the frameworks as to the extent of technology use in online marketing.

Tang and Chi tested the empirical significance of the TAM model. The hypothesis they formulated states that "trust is the consequence of the two beliefs in the TAM, perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness". As the study's result, they concluded that "trust and perceived usefulness has similar roles in consumer behavior because perceived usefulness is the consequence of perceived ease of use and the antecedent of attitude". The significance of the model is simply implied by how a consumer sees the use of technology.

It describes the appeal of the technology employed and how it contributes to the formation of trust. We also have observed the influence and the effects of technological advancement in the society. In our example, the use of internet services is perceived as easy to use and is useful. This is true considering the growth of popularity of using first, computers, then the Internet as a system. Computers had made such remarkable change in the society. It had made lives easier with regards to performing tasks.

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Add to that the development of Internet services. Almost anything can be done with and through the Internet as a medium. That is why the model is very much useful to researchers as it is a reflection of the society with regards to technology. The TAM is a framework in understanding how technology affects the appeal of gaining online trust. Since technology, with the use of computers and the internet, is essential in online market, the ease and usefulness of this technology contributes to the formation of online trust.

The TAM is a relevant model to be discussed in this paper as technology and the development of it greatly contributes to the trust in e-commerce. As an analysis, the development and acceptance of technological innovations creates two viable effects in the society. First, when people use the technology and eventually become dependent on it, they give value and high importance with each use. In the long-run, this creates and forms a relationship in which for some people, they get so used to using the technology and almost can not live without it.

Second, with this development, comes the formation of trust. Once this has been formed, the user of the technology will slowly realize the caution needed in being dependent with the technology. Although this model suggests significance in understanding the relationship between technology use and the formation of online trust, it must be noted that TAM is limited to the technology described by Davis et al. in the year of its development but the foundation of thought describing technology is still essential, it lacks the current study on more advanced and sophisticated technologies adopted today.

The Technology acceptance model however also has significant effects on the concept of online trust in e-commerce. Through the use and guidance of this model, electronic firms are able to study how technology affects the lives of consumers. The effect is shown through the use and adaptation of technology and techniques in the lives of the users. Consumers rely greatly on using technology, particularly the Internet in almost all aspects of daily living. The TAM stressed on the importance of giving first-hand knowledge on the technology consumers employed.

It provided a very accurate observation and conclusion on how technology is used by consumers based on how they perceive technology as useful and easy, although this has its own limitations for further analysis on the concept of online trust. Basically what this does in our analysis is provide the necessary background in understanding the technology that is the medium used in electronic marketing. When we understand the channel, in the form of technology, we can easily derive further analysis and conclusion regarding the topic.

The TAM model is very useful in determining how consumers perceive technology, and this is crucial especially when the nature of online trust is based on the use of technology. When technology is understood, it will be easier to study the factors that involve this particular medium. The paper thus needs to include the TAM as the reference point to explain further the ideas of online trust, privacy concerns and others related to what the paper aims to discuss. The Technology Acceptance Model has undergone several modifications over the years.

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