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3. 4 It is essential that we respect the skills and expertise of other practitioners we work alongside. To work as a team we need to listen to others and take on board what they are saying. As someone new to the role we can learn a lot from our more experienced colleagues. To have a good relationship with other colleagues we need to show them that we respect their views, knowledge and opinions. In my short time at Holy Spirit I already feel that I have learnt a great amount from the other staff, particularly the support staff.

This knowledge is vital and invaluable and will stay with me throughout my career. When working as team it is important that we communicate effectively with others. If we do not respect the skills and expertise of others it will cause resentment which can lead to problems with communication within the team. If we value the skills and expertise of others we may find that we are then invited to give advice and suggestions ourselves.

By pooling our skills and knowledge we are more likely to be successful in achieving the aims of the team. We can add to our own skills and expertise if we take time out to watch others practitioners. Changes occur regularly so there is always the opportunity to find out from others about new initiatives and ideas. In time others may come to us for advice and help because of the skills and expertise we have gained from others guidance.

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