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Improve Own Performance In A Business Environment Narrative Essay

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1.1- Explain the purpose and benefits if continuously improving performance at work

The purpose and benefits of continuously improving my own performance at work is to achieve many personal goals, receive a pay rise, and maintain a good performance and also to progress in my work to a new job role.

1.2- Explain the purpose and benefits of encouraging and accepting feedback from others

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The benefits of encouraging and accepting feedback is to help me improve in my working environment, learn from any mistakes I may of made and to help me feel more confident in the work that I am doing. Feedback also helps us see ourselves as others see us. We learn a lot from the feedback of colleagues, from as minor mistakes to big failures.

1.3- Explain how learning and development can improve our own work, benefit organisations, and identify career options I will look at things like

What part of my day takes the most time
What actions can be taken to do it in less time
I will look at the best part of my time at work
Look at areas where I could improve

I will speak to my colleagues take any advice they may have and use any guidance they may give me. I will make a learning plan to improve my work performance that meets my targets and needs, and follow a learning plan for improvement on what I could do to my own work for future reference of learning.

1.4-Describe possible career routes

Every task has to be performed and every work has to be done with a positive attitude. It is not the work that you do or finish within the time-scale that matters; it’s the work that has to be good too. All organizations and companies constantly look for people who are willing to learn new things and also to people who want to move up in their working environment. I always try new ways to do my work, so that it ends well. I will take feedback from all my work colleagues and managers if they have any comments to say and then if they are happy for me to use their strategies then I would use them.

Also anything that is productive in the work environment is used and passed on to other teams in departments so they can also use the strategies to. By doing the things I do at my workplace I could progress many routes in my career and also my future as when I finish my business admin qualification I could go into many other lines of work that are more in depth such as a school or maybe even a hospital. Looking at things now I enjoy what I do and I do hope I move up in any kind of way such as being a sales concultant;accounts etc but looking at things now I have still got along time ahead off me.

1.5- Describe possible development opportunities

The more I learn, the more I can do with the route to development opportunities. I can also improve my productivity and this can help me with future work roles and understanding things and improving my skills with a better knowledge of understanding.

Improve Own Performance In A Business Environment Narrative Essay essay

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