Lenovo: SWOT analysis

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Lenovo: SWOT analysis


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  1. Vertical integration
  2.  Knowledge of China’s market
  3. Low cost production
  4. Strong patents portfolio
  5. Competency in mergers and acquisitions
  6. Synergy of knowledge and diverse workforce
  7. Poor brand perception in the developed economies
  8.  Low differentiation
  9.  Commodity (computer hardware) products


  1. Growing India’s smartphone market
  2. Growth of tablets market
  3. Obtaining patents through acquisitions
  4. Tablet market growth
  5. Profit margin decline on hardware products
  6. Slowing growth rate of the laptops market
  7. Saturated smartphone markets in developed countries
  8. Rapid technological change
  9. Intense competition

SWOT Analysis of Mtn Group


  1. Support sales activities by understanding customer's business
  2. Strong brand name
  3. Good brand visibility and advertising


  1. Limited global operations
  2. Severe price competition in the market


  1. Up to date information on competitor's activities
  2. Growing mobile and internet market across the globe


  1. Too many expansions can lead to loss of focus
  2. Mobile number portability may hamper growth

In the society which with a fast economic development and it’s getting very competitive in the marketing, if a company wants to exist and develop, a good strategic plan is very important to help the company win in the competitive marketing. As a strategic plan department manager, the ability of make strategic plan is very important. But how to make a good strategic planning for a company? So analysis the external environment is very helpful to managers achieve a greater understanding and appreciation of the external environment, leading to improvement in long-term and strategic planning; highlighting of the principal external environmental influences generating change and anticipation of threats and opportunities within a timescale of long enough duration to a response to be considered. Also the tool which called PESTLE analysis is good for analyzing the external environment. But what is PESTLE analysis? So the following will explain what PESTLE analysis is and focus on analyzing the Lenovo Corporation’s external environment which likely major influence in their business environment to be faced in the next five to ten years.

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