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Home-Work #4 SUMMARY for PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct The PMI ‘Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct’ articulates the ideals to which a project manager should aspire and specifically outlines the mandatory behaviors which are essential in a professional as well as a volunteer role. It describes the moral and professional expectations we have of ourselves and fellow colleagues in the project management community. In short, don’t cheat, steal, lie or abuse power! The code of ethics focuses on four core values which should be upheld by the project managers around the globe: responsibility, respect, fairness and honesty.

The code clearly defines the scope of each of these values, their aspirational & mandatory standards and outlines a rough framework of the regulations and legal requirements for the same. The code is applicable to all PMI members, non-members who either hold or are in process of acquiring PMI certification or anybody who directly serves PMI in a volunteer capacity. These values have become the foundation of the code and each of them is discussed at length in a separate section. It emphasizes on exercise of responsibility and on taking ownership of one’s decisions that they either made or failed to make.

The code requires the individuals in project management community to show respect to self, others and the resources available and entrusted to them, to apply fairness in decision making and act impartially and objectively and finally practicing honesty in both the communication and the conduct. The aspirational standards identify the moral conduct and general expectations whereas the mandatory standards establish firm requirements which can limit or prohibit a practitioner’s behavior in some cases.

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Mandatory standards also suggest a disciplinary procedure before PMI’s Ethics Review committee in case of charges of non-compliance by a practitioner. The purpose of this Code is to instill confidence in the project management profession and to help an individual become a better practitioner. The PMI’s envisions that the current version of the code of ethics and professional conduct will serve as a precursor to further deliberation and application of ethics and values in the global project management community.

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