Convergys Code of Business Conduct

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Converges takes a holistic, end-to-end approach to relationship management, milling their linens' existing relationships for breakthrough performance Improvements, focused business insight, and extraordinary added value. Purpose: Converges promotes a shared responsibility amongst all employees to continue the tradition of excellence, integrity, innovation, and corporate citizenship In the Industry of relationship management.

Managing these relationships, fostering their Improvement, and adding value to them Is how Converges enables organizations worldwide to improve their business performance. To guide the operations of Converges' business, they have adopted the Code of Business Conduct o address conflicts of interest, confidentiality, fair dealing, protection and proper usage of company assets, and compliance with laws, rules, and regulations. The clearly stated Code of Business Conduct is designed to build trust and loyalty among clients and employees.

Values: Converges commits to these values to guide them in their decisions and their behavior: -unparalleled Client Satisfaction -Teamwork -Respect of the Individual -Developing People -Diversity Shareowner' Trust -Corporate Citizenship -Integrity Code of Business Conduct Development The original date of the Converges Code of Business Conduct is not mentioned. However, Converges became a public company In 1998. The Code of Business Conduct has since been amended and was restated December 9. 2008.

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Development of Company Philosophy Converges has a Governance and Nominating Board Committee consisting of three Independent Directors, who amended the Code of Business Conduct currently made Committee is David Dillon. The two other Independent Directors are Phillip Eden and David Whitman. Explanation of Core Values Each Value's Significance Teamwork - Converges values team accomplishments and seeks opportunities to Join tit their colleagues to advance the success of the clients. Developing People - Converges values the ongoing development and improvement of their greatest resource- their people.

Diversity - Converges values the unique combination of qualities and contributions that each individual brings to the workplace. Shareowner' Trust- Converges values the trust of their shareowner and works diligently to enhance their shareowner' investment. Corporate Citizenship - Converges values the communities in which their employees and the employees' families live, and Converges commits to being a good corporate citizen. Integrity - Converges values, above all, their integrity in everything they do.

Values in Relevance to Business Operations Unparalleled Client Satisfaction - Converges is a leader in relationship management. That in itself proves a commitment to client satisfaction. They compete aggressively and earn their clients' business by providing outstanding service and products that are represented honestly. Converges serves over half of Fortune's Top 50 Companies in their customer-management, information-management, and/or HER outsourcing. They have gained that opportunity through years of technological innovation, respect f clients, and unprecedented strive for client satisfaction.

Teamwork - Converges blatantly tells employees that the responsibility to continue a tradition of excellence, integrity, and corporate citizenship is a shared responsibility. The Code of Business Conduct is stressed during training, and any team member with knowledge of suspected violations to the Code of Business Conduct is encouraged to report it to their immediate superior or the Ethics Hotlist. Converges also knows a healthy and effective team is free of harassment and discrimination, so trick regulations are stated in the Code of Business Conduct to ensure neither crime is committed in the workplace. Sources to further develop their skills and knowledge. The Mission and Vision of the Code of Business Conduct focus on personal and professional growth within the Company. Diversity - Converges is an equal opportunity employer. They are constantly seeking highly effective professionals, regardless of race, gender, culture, creed, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Relationship management is a global market, and a global market requires global diversity and inclusion. The Global Diversity Council is a group of 80 employees who are leaders in their businesses and work to define diversity as it relates to Converges workforce.

Corporate Citizenship - Through Corporate Public Relations, Converges provides accurate information about the Company to the public, building a realistic sense of trust. Converges encourages its employees to devote time and resources to improving the quality of life in thermosetting. In Jacksonville, Florida, female Converges employees go to the PACE Center for Girls and offer guidance to high-school age girls y showing them business opportunities, corporate work habits, and leadership skills in a professional mentoring environment. Converges is also a matching-gift contribution company.

Employees are encouraged to contribute to their accredited college or university with Converges matching gift program, which gives dollar-for- dollar to match donations made to the alma mater. Integrity - Converges has an ethical outlook on all business operations. It is their desire to continue on successfully in the relationship management industry by conducting business with the highest level of professionalism, honesty, and ethics. For 25 years, a unique combination of domain expertise, operational excellence, and innovative technologies has made Converges an honest competitor and leader in relationship management.

Core Values in Relation to the Mission and Vision Usefulness of the Code of Business Conduct Convergence's Dominant Social Value Converges stresses the value of unparalleled client satisfaction to the utmost extent. They pride themselves on being a leader in the relationship management industry, for 25 consecutive years, and having been name Fortune's Most Admired Company for seven consecutive years. The Company Overview states that Converges helps clients recruit, service,and retain customers and employees using innovative technologies that increase efficiencies, satisfaction, loyalty and workforce effectiveness - while decreasing costs.

In all of their business dealings, Converges is working for a brighter future for their clients. Evidence of Code of Business Conduct Usage Converges has a website on which they compile all news reports about the Company for public viewing. The latest of the reports detail a new partnership with a company, Element, in Korea to provide them with Interstice Portal Solutions programs. Converges is clearly firm on their Diversity value. Converges also recently celebrated its ninth consecutive year as one of Fortune's Most Admired companies, seven of those years having been named Most Admired Company.

CEO and President Dave Dougherty accepted the meaningful designation saying, "This meaningful designation from FORTUNE is an endorsement of our reputation in the business community, which is a matter of great importance and pride for us. It also underscores Converges' vision of being the voice and the technology behind all superior service experiences, recognized as the leading relationship management company in the arrests we serve worldwide. The designation as a Most Admired Company by Fortune is an indication that unparalleled client satisfaction, corporate citizenship, and integrity are values actually being used to keep Converges moving forward as a leader. Converges takes a special effort in Developing People through their Speaker Series Events that are held in all of the cities in which a Converges is operating. These series allow an employee in a leadership position within the Converges Company to travel to different locations holding seminars about topics specifically elated to customer service, financial efficiency, and strengthening customer loyalty.

Code of Business Conduct within Converges With over 75,000 employees internationally, Converges has perfected the art of being personally rewarding and professionally constructive. They have been named One of the Best Companies to Work For by Fortune and intend to keep that title by extensive new-hire orientation and training. New employees are given the Code of Business Conduct and asked to read and sign an agreement proclaiming that he or she will abide by it for the oration of their career at Converges.

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