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They can be counted up to 3, if they get a 3 they eave to go for a time out In another classroom to reflect on their behavior and actions. They spend a minute for each year of their age In time out. - Attendance policy - rewards are given for the children that attend school every day for the year. Each child that attends school every day for a term gets a certificate home. There is also a class attendance award which is given every Friday to the class who had the best attendance the previous week. - Ann-bullying policy: all children know school's take a zero tolerance attitude towards bulling.

Any child found to bullying will be dealt with according to the school's policy. 1. 2 All staff in the school must be made aware of all the policies and procedures in place. They must follow each one if necessary. All staff should be consistent with the way they carry out the policies and procedures to ensure the children respond positively, if there Is Inconsistency within the behavior managing then It Is likely that pupil learning will suffer. Pupils should know of the rewards policy and the discipline policy and should know the consequences of their actions and behavior.

All staff, whether it be support staff, midday supervisors or senior members of staff should all have the same status when disciplining a child. They should all follow the same steps and reach the same outcome (time out). This will give the pupils better and clearer boundaries for them to follow. Encouraging and rewarding positive behavior lets the children know and reminds them that their behavior is noticed and accounted for. Some children may get the impression that more emphasis is on the bad behavior because that may be what is pointed out more often.

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Giving the incentive of a reward gives motivation to do well, but also reassurance that It's not only bad behavior that gets the teachers attention. Whilst It's Important to reward all children It Is also equally, If not more Important to reward and encourage those children who tend to be told off more than the others. This may be down to a medical condition they have, but to ensure they don't feel victimized or singled out, their positive behavior needs rewarding. Research shows that for every negative thing we do, we need 6 positives to cancel out the negative.

We need to be careful not to purely focus on the negatives all the time as some times this can happen when things become busy and unreasoned. Children will learn that reward, they will register the feeling they get when praised and will want that feeling again; so consequently will continue to behave well in order to be praised. 3. 2 Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation where to have to deal with someone's behavior or discipline them without having prior experience, this problem should be raised with someone who is more experienced than you and they will be able to vive you advice on what to do.

Whilst you may be experienced enough or feel confident enough to deal with problems on your own, there are some situations where other members of staff should be present. These include: - When pupils are a danger to themselves and/or anyone around them - If you are dealing with a pupil whose behavior is unpredictable and you don't feel comfortable on your own - If you aren't in control of a situations and/or pupil aren't following your instructions - If the incident is serious enough to need the involvement of a senior member of staff.

Depending on the severity of the situation and the pupil's involved you may need to refer to different members of staff. Sometimes it may Just be support from another member of staff (for example if you need to team teach a child), but in other cases you may need specialist support. These are the people within school who can give specialist support: ESSENCE or supervisor, other teachers or support staff and Head Teacher or Deputy Head. There are also people outside of the school who can give specialist support. There include: behavior unit, educational psychologists and councilors.

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