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Student Code of Conduct Violations

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Some examples of violation of the student code of academic integrity include plagiarism, self-plagiarism, double dipping, or dovetailing and collusion. I chose these three because I have been aware of plagiarism since a child. My mom always expressed how important is was to double check our work and to make sure we were not copying anyone. She always forced my sister and I to put away all devices and books to ensure there was no chance of copying.

Self-plagiarism is something I never knew existed. I can use that in my daily life, because often while at work I coach agents, often on the same area they are need improvement in. I take the time write two individual messages, however I never knew if for some reason I just copied one agents notes onto other agents it would be considered double- dipping. The thought of self-plagiarizing sounds funny. But it's very useful information. And lastly, I chose collusion, because I think a lot of people are guilty of this, they feel as if "I'm not doing it, and I won't tell on the next person doing it".

Integrity is very important in both academic and professional life because without it you are just a loose cannon willing to do whatever and hurt whoever just to get ahead, you have no morals and cannot be trusted. Academically it's very important if you plan on finishing college. You are taking a chance on throwing thousand dollars away, losing scholarships, being suspended or kicked out of college. Professionally it will be hard to build a solid foundation because your dishonesty will follow.

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We often build our resumes on current and past jobs, accomplishments and acknowledgements we've received while on those jobs. You may not list how you left a trail destruction and dishonesty behind may not come immediately but it will follow you. It's also very important in both areas because that means you are a strong minded person, what others do only encourage you to do better, work harder and never lower your standards to cheating or burning bridges for temporary means of getting by.

I often put integrity to use in my life academically and professionally, by simply being a leader and a pure hearted person. If I feel as if something is unfair or someone is being treated poorly, I am quick to find actions on correcting it. Integrity is my identity and how people see me. Even if honesty will hurt someone feelings, I never sway from the truth. My honor does not come from making friends and sheltering constructive criticism, it comes from being true to myself and knowing my feedback can help someone better. I want that same in return.

No one is perfect and sometimes, people need to know the error in their ways, because sometimes correcting those errors open bigger blessings. I never take the way others cheat the system, I learned a long time ago, the more people using one way to beat the system will be noticed quicker and frowned upon. However hard work and dedication may take longer to get noticed, but when it is noticed it will be the most rewarding feeling ever.

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