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Summary of Plato’s Apology

PLATO’S APOLOGY In Plato’s Apology, I found that it is only named “Apology” but there is nothing about apology there. It is mainly the defense of Socrates for his accusations. He was a very decent intelligent man.

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Socrates said – “I am not a clever speaker in any way at all-unless, indeed, by a clever speaker they mean someone who speaks the truth. ” By this statement he was able to make people think that he is only telling the truth, not making false things with his intelligence. I am amazed by the wisdom of Socrates. He was 70 years old when the prosecution happened.

In that age he defended himself well and gave so practical logic in his speech that the accusers were just being dumb. Another thing that caught my attention is Socrates found the universal nature of human beings. All of us think that he is the most intelligent human in the world and no one can understand anything as he can. May be there are some people somewhere who are wiser than him but they are not around him. Socrates said, “I am wiser than this man: neither of us knows anything that is really worth knowing, but he thinks that he has knowledge when he has not, while I, having no knowledge, do not think I have.

I seem, at any rate, to be a little wiser than he is on this point: I do not think that I know what I do not know. ” With this speech he direct attacked the so called wise people of all time. Every human is same. God gave us all same talent. No one is more intelligent than the others. Who understand it, he become wiser. I found that the main reasons of accusing Socrates was not believe in the old gods and corrupting the youth of Athens. In those days, it was uncommon for anyone to go against the beliefs that were brought upon them. Meletus said that he is suing Socrates for voluntarily corrupting the young.

It’s stupid to sue someone just because they don’t believe in your beliefs. All the major religions and scientific inventions of the world came by the different thinking. If men didn’t think different we would be live in the cave till now may be. I am inspired by Socrates wisdom and thought. Try to see things differently. Judge them in my own way. If they are wrong and I am right then I will not care what other people think. I will loud my voice, give people logic and will definitely prove that I am right. MD ABDULLAH AL MASUD ID # -02083047