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Teen Pregnancy Is One Hundred Percent Preventable

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Teen Pregnancy Retha McDonald Argument Essay ? Abstract The following research paper contains important information on how you can prevent your teen from becoming pregnant. The thesis is clearly stated in my argument. Topic sentences and sub-topics support my theory. Teen Pregnancy and prenatal care are very important issues but can be avoided all together with patience, guidance and instruction from responsible parents. Parents have to discuss issues such as safe sex, prevention of pregnancy along with topics such as birth control and being abstinence until marriage.

This paper will also cover issues dealing with peer pressure. ? Teen pregnancy and prenatal care Parents need to discuss the importance of abstinence with their teenagers. If a teen was to become pregnant, prenatal care is the best way to provide and insure the safe arrival of an unborn child. Teenagers are not being taught at home about the practice of safe sex and prevention of an unwanted pregnancy. Teenagers that are sexually active need to be put on birth control and taught about STD’s, which mean sexual transmitted disease. Teen pregnancy is one hundred percent preventable.

Sex and prevention Teenagers are not being taught at home about safe sex and prevention. When a child starts puberty or even before puberty parents should discuss changes that are happening with their bodies. Explaining that it is normal to feel attraction toward the opposite sex, but acting on those feelings can result in serious consequences. Parents should also go into particular issues dealing with the dangers such as STD’s, and unwanted pregnancies. Discussions about birth control and abstinence should be discussed at an early age.

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Parents should talk to their teens in a comfortable setting so the child won’t feel like they are being lectured, but feel like they are in an open conversation that they can join in and ask for advice. Parents should allow time during the end for teenagers ask any questions that they might have. In the article” Is Parenting Associated with Teenagers ‘Early Sexual Risk-Taking, Autonomy and Relationship with Sexual Partners? “Crabtree, S. (2005) states “very extensive Research showed that relationships between parents and teenagers are linked to various outcomes associated with teenager’s first sexual experience. Parents have a big influence on their children future and they play a major role in the behavior that their child will exhibit. Parents have to set values, perfect communication about sex will help build beliefs in teenagers and they will have the necessary skills to deal with situations if confronted with sexual advances. Parkes, A. (2011) states “teaching teenagers to abstain from sex is also associated with teenagers not engaging in risky sexual behavior, positive parenting has shown it will delay first sex. ” Proper prenatal care

Adolescent childbearing negatively affects society and families, and increases health risks, as well as developmental and childrearing problems for mothers and children (Letamo &Majelantle 2001; Smith & Pell 2001). Underage childbearing may result in miscarriage, preterm births and repeated pregnancies, with increased rate of low birth weight delivery, neonatal death and subsequent incidence of infant illness (Williams &Delavan 2006). Teens that do become pregnant do not receive the proper prenatal care because they are afraid to approach parents; they have feelings of being ashamed of what they have done.

They are embarrassed, and they feel that they may have let the family down. Majority of teen pregnancies are hidden and kept secret up until month six or seven, simply because the teens are afraid to speak up. They come to a crossroad where they know that soon they will need medical attention. What teens don’t realize is that they are compromising their health and the health of their unborn child every pregnancy needs to be monitored by a doctor; prenatal vitamins need to be given, possibly iron pills.

While pregnant the teen could form serious conditions such a preeclampsia or develop high blood pressure. Proper prenatal care is a must with any pregnancy this is to ensure the safe arrival of a baby and making sure the mother is healthy before, during and after the birth. Immaturity is implicated as a cause of most problems with preterm labor. Monitor your children “Teenage parenthood passed down through generations, with the children of young mothers becoming parents themselves at an early age, such a difficult tradition to break. Frances, G. (2011) monitor your children. Know where your children are at all times. Know the company that they keep. Most of the time parents like to feel that they know what their child would and would not do. That is not always the case when you have one bad apple; sometime teens can easily be persuaded to fit in with the popular crowd, it is important to know the company that your teen is surrounded by. Bad association and peer pressure can lead down a terrible road of destruction for example an unwanted pregnancy.

Teens should not have a lot of idle time. Engaging in an after school program or sports can keep your teen busy from just hanging out with friends and possibly experimenting with sexual behavior. Family outings on the weekends learning activities, family oriented activities that can include all the kids not just the teen, helping with yard work, building something with dad, planting and gardening with mom are ways to insure that your teen is safe and not being pressured in the streets and forced into sexual behavior too soon.

Activities with the family will ensure you are monitoring your teen correctly and know where they are at all times. Conclusion Teen pregnancy is one hundred percent preventable parents need to discuss the importance of abstinence. If a teen was to become pregnant prenatal care is the best way to provide and insure the safe arrival of an unborn child. Monitoring your teen’s friends and who they are affiliated with, by finding out where they like to hang out and go in their free time can warrant some behaviors that you wouldn’t want your teen engaging in.

Start talking to your teen about safe sex at an early age and teaching them about the dangers that come with having sex is a sure way to keep away the STD’s and the unwanted pregnancies. Work Cited and Reference: Crabtree, S. (2005). Teens on Sex Education: Abstinence-Only or Safe-Sex Approach. Gallup Poll Tuesday Briefing, 1-3. Parkes, A. (2011). Is Parenting Associated with Teenagers' Early Sexual Risk-Taking, Autonomy And Relationship with Sexual Partners. Perspectives On Sexual ; Reproductive Health, 43(1), 30. doi:10. 1363/4303011 Chen, C. W. , Tsai, C.

Y. , Sung, F. C. , Lee, Y. Y. , Lu, T. H. , Li, C. Y. , ; Ko, M. C. (2010). Adverse birth outcomes among pregnancies of teen mothers: age-specific analysis of national data in Taiwan. Child: Care, Health ; Development, 36(2), 232-240. doi:10. 1111/j. 1365-2214. 2009. 01039. x Mahavarkar, S. H. , Madhu, C. K. , ; Mule, V. D. (2008). A comparative study of teenage pregnancy. Journal Of Obstetrics ; Gynaecology, 28(6), 604-607. doi:10. 1080/01443610802281831 Frances, G. (2011). Teenage pregnancy: successes and challenges. Practice Nursing, 22(1), 12-16.

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