Being prepared for the new school year

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As a proactive teacher new to the classroom I would want to be completely prepared for the entourage of first day students starting a new school year. I realize that in order to be totally prepared and ready for any problems that may arise I need to consider how to divert those problems before they manifest; by preparing myself and my classroom, and ensuring that both foster a conducive, positive learning environment I will be ahead of the game.

The list of preparation tasks that I would undertake are as follows:

·         Make sure I have a full grasp of the curriculum and prepare as many materials and lessons as I can – for the first month at least, being sure to take all learning styles and strategies into account.

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·         Make sure I know relevant personnel in the school, where they are located and how I get in contact with them.

·         Obtain a list of school regulations and procedures.

·         Make sure I know where supplies and resources are located and how they are obtained, including the library and computer facilities.

·         Make sure I know where and how everyday activities occur, such as where assignments are submitted, where the toilets are located and where to send students if they are ill.

·         Develop a plan or list of strategies on how I will deal with the little problems or concerns that may arise, such as late students, misuse of resources, special needs students and timetabling conflicts.

·         Determine a set of class rules – not too many – so that students understand what is acceptable behaviour in the classroom and what I expect of them. Display these rules in an easily accessible spot for students to see and for me to refer to at any given time.

·         Obtain class list and write name tags on desks ensuring a mix of student backgrounds and gender are integrated as much as possible, in an attempt to avert small cliques or groups developing.

·         Arrange desks so that students can work individually, in small groups or as a class, ensuring that all students can see me and the board easily.

·         Arrange all furniture and classroom resources so that they are easily obtainable by students without them having to climb over each other, furniture or other resources.

·         Locate, obtain and post pictures, posters and  any other materials relevant to the year’s curriculum, around the room.

·         Ensure all facilities such as fans, lights etc. are in working order, if not ensure they are fixed before school commences.

Finally while resting during the summer holidays I will endeavor to read up-to-date literature on classroom management and any other areas of interest or concern for my teaching year.

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