Student Debt in College

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1 name Professor English date To Debt or Not to Debt: Why College is Worth the Investment When most people think about college they generally have the same mind set. You are taught from a young age that college is the only way to go but is that true? With recent tuition risings and the “American dream” seeming to vanish, college doesn’t seem to be worth its value anymore. Others believe that its college or you will be working at a fast food joint for the rest of your life. Most people in-between believe that money is the determining factor but with the amount of options should people even worry about this?

Even though college might seem like a stretch with tuition rising, college is something more people should take part in because there are so many answers to get past the money and just enjoy the full college experience. For most students applying for colleges is all they have thought about since starting kindergarten. For others it’s been a lifelong dread about how do they even begin to try and 2 afford it essay writers online. With all the horror stories about finishing college with such enormous debts it can really turn student s away from college.

Although the prices may have gone up the investment is still something to pursue. “Even in this economy, college graduates are much better off than high-school graduates. Yes, white-collar employees are losing their jobs. But the unemployment rate for people over twenty five years old who hold at least a bachelor’s degree is 4. 4 percent, compared with 9. 3 percent for the people that age who hold only a high-school diploma, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,” as put by Robin Wilson in A Lifetime of Student Debt, Not likely.

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Students complain about the large debts they can conjure up during these college years you truly are better off with it. It’s not just about the piece of paper; it’s about the opportunities that it creates. For most people college can be the best time of their lives. You just got to be smart with what you have. Sara M. Harrington (A Lifetime of Student Debt, Not likely) wanted to be smart and looked ahead. She didn’t want to borrow any money that she knew she couldn’t pay back.

Some students just want to not worry about any costs and just be done with college and get into the working world not thinking of any consequences. Although some might argue that you shouldn’t think about the future just think about today, you really need to be logical when borrowing money. You shouldn’t let money run your life but it usually does. Another thing to consider is that some of the students coming out with such enormous debts are because they go to private colleges. For some it’s too far out of reach and they choose 3 ommunity colleges and are most of the time they are better off. For me I chose the community college way because I knew my parents could not afford to help me if I went away. Without my parents I wouldn’t be able to go to school, but I know even the payments for school now are hard enough. I could never imagine the burden of private or even state college tuition on my parents. Loans never go away so just be smart with your money and borrow less. When growing up teachers, parents, and counselers have always drilled college into your head but did they ever explain why?

If asked it was to get a better job or to give your self a better furture than what they have. But maybe college isn’t always about learning but its about finding your self. “…College is not only about learning how to earn a living, .. , but also about learing how to live: how to be an informed and involved citizen, how to communicate effectively, how to understand other cultures and peoples, how to think and reflect” (Ch 14 opening statement). Most people seem to overlook these simple things. College might have the large goal of getting that diploma but its about the experience.

You are not only sitting in a classroom but you are figuring out new ways to do the things you love. Not only can you make life long friends but you can learn different backgrounds, try new things, and take any class imaginable. College may seem like a lot of work in the big picture but you can make it fun and worth the experience. Overall College might seem like a lot of work, stress, and debt but it is something that you should enjoy. Not only for the sake of saying “I went to college” but for bettering 4 yourself. You can come out with so much more life skills just from competing this life step.

Every ones ecperience is going to be different, but you are only bettering your self in the end. 5 Works Cited Birkenstein, Cathy, and Russel Durst. "Chapter 14 Introduction: Is Higher Education Worth the Price? " They Say, I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing. By Gerald Graff. 2nd ed. N. p. : W. W. Norton &, 2012. 256-73. Print. Wilson, Robin. "A Lifetime of Student Debt, Not Likey. " They Say, I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing. 2nd ed. N. p. : W. W. Norton &, 2012. 256-73. Print

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