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Structure of an Interview

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Structure of an Interview A structure for an interview for Interpreter/translator position at school district should be very specific. I would include in the posting of the job the following specifications: * Position/Title * Location * Director Supervisor * Qualifications I would include in the qualifications certification, fluent in oral and written Spanish and English, ability to work with teachers, administrators, parents, and students.

After the qualifications, I will write the performance responsibilities: * Provide oral interpretation of school related dialogues * Check for understanding during conferences IEP, and meeting in which interpretation is provided * Translate district and school related documents form English to Castilian Spanish * Provide translated documents in word processing format Conduct English as a Second Language workshops for non/limited English proficient parents * Attend District or school related evening activities when interpretation services are needed * Identify/locate additional interpretation services as needed for district-wide events and maintain data collection records as remind for ELL program Now I would include the education experience, for example any combination equivalent to: High school diploma, Para-Professional supplemented by training and experience in oral interpretation and written translation.

After the education experience I will have the abilities for example: * Read, write, translate and interpreter English and Spanish * Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others * Meet schedules and time lines * Work independently with little direction * Determine appropriate action within clearly defined guidelines * Understand and follow oral and written directions I think it is very important to have all the above specifications on the osting job because it makes it easier for the person doing the interview to ask questions related to the job and keep the interview only in job related questions. If the person doing the interview is not bilingual, I will have a bilingual person during the interview to help to determine how well the applicant speak and write the language (Spanish). In the interview, I will have a few scenarios to see if the applicant abilities to handle some situations that may occur in the job. For example: Scenario #1 You are schedule to interpret for an IEP meeting when you receive a phone call indicating another school needs your services. The school has on the phone an upset parent who does not speak English and the school staff cannot resolve the situation”. As an interviewer a will ask the applicant to talk a little about effective practices she/he used in the past when she/he are needed in two places at once. This scenario deals with multi-tasking, I want to make sure the applicant can deal with situations under pressure when you are working with parents, students, and teachers.

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Scenario #2 “You are interpreting for a non-English speaking parent, when an urgent situation in a classroom-involving an ELL student occurs. What would you do? As a school district job, the most important thing is the being well of the students. The interpreter must care about the children first. I also will ask the following questions: 1. - Tell a little about yourself-why you are interested in this position, your interests, previous experiences etc. 2. What training or coursework you have participated in during the past two years? 3. -What you bring to this position that would enhance our school district? 4. -If you were offered this position, when would you be able to begin? 5. -What are your current/minimum salary requirements? I feel that the questions above are job related, because even though I have the applicant’s resume by asking questions like tell a little about yourself you I can kind of see she/he personality.

Most of the companies like people that like to learn new things or be familiar with new regulations or could be that they haven’t participate in any training is a result of lock of opportunity, money etc. For the third question, I want to know why they think they can be a good candidate, what they can bring to the company that makes them the best candidate for the position. As an interviewer you need to know when they can start working and for the last question, they do not have to answer about their current salary but I think to know what is the minimum salary require is a valid question.

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