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Anthropology interview

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My uncle is the oldest son in his family. His name is Long Do and he is forty years old. He is a businessman and he owns the liquor store. Mr.. Long is a successful person in the family that everyone in the family admires him. He was born in Vietnam so he is Vietnamese. Mr.. Long came to America when he was twenty-one years old. His major was Business Administration and he went to De Anza College. He came to Northern California with his family and his siblings. HIS family and he was the first one that came to the United State.

The reason they came here because they didn't want to live in Vietnam because the life over there was hard and deficient of all necessities. My uncle's father who is my grand father had to work for extremely hard and got poorly paid. His parents, my grandparents, decided to come here so that my uncle and his siblings could have a better life, better education to archive their goals easier. According to what my uncle said, " It was a difficult and tough time when I first come here. I didn't know any English and It was very hard for me to communicate with other people.

Also he shared that he had to help his parents take care all the paperwork and take after his younger siblings since his siblings were very young back then. So he was the only one who was mature and knowledgeable enough to take care of the whole family. I can see that language is his first challenge that he has to overcome. Mr.. Long said that when they first come here they TLD have a lot of money so that everyone In the family had to work to make money. Mr.. Long had to work two Jobs and he had to go school at the same time. He started out with SSL class iris, then English class later on.

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He shared that it was a hard time when he first attended to college because at that time he didn't know any English and going to school was something that made him really scared of. He always nervous in his classes because he didn't understand what his teacher were saying and he totally lost In the class. At night, when he got home he always turned on the radio to listen to FM or AM, he tried to listen how American people talked and he learned from there. His parents and his siblings also had to go to the SSL classes as well because hey didn't know how to speak English at that time.

He shared his tip to learn English that you should make friend with native speakers because you can learn very fast. His advice is also similar to what I did when I first came to America. I tried to make friend with native speaker so that I could learn English faster and it was really help me to Improve my English skill. HIS family and he also had to learn how to adapt to is freedom. Everyone has his or her own freedom in religion or politics. As time passed by, he gradually learned English very fast and he could speak and monomaniac with his teachers and friends in his classes more fluently.

He says that the more difficulties that you go through in your life the more you become a stronger and a better person and you will be successful in your life. They still keep in touch with people from Vietnam by phone and they go to Vietnam whenever they have a chance because they are now very busy with work. He said that he like talking to people from different ethic groups because he can learn new things from them. Even he used to suffer a hard time, he says that his life wouldn't be like this if his Emily and he stay in Vietnam.

So being here is a better off for his family. They can earn money and help his relatives in Vietnam. The global process economic and politics have planed out in his family life. It was a wonderful time interviewing my uncle. I can see that he is a very successful man due mostly to his hardworking characteristics. I want to be like him and I have learned that there is nothing easy in life so I have to try hard in order to be successful like my uncle. The more you try the better off you will get later in your life.

Anthropology interview essay

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