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How to Write an Interesting Interview Paper?

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Have you ever watched Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? If not, watch him on YouTube. Jimmy is a popular American television host whose interviews with stars are gripping. If you are eager to make the readers of your interview essay as excited as the audience of Tonight Show, you need to stick to several rules which we have prepared for you.

Do your homework before interview

Key to successful essays is a good preparation beforehand. After you have chosen someone to interview, take your time to prepare the list of questions. A professional creative interviewer will write a fascinating story even about the most boring man on Earth. Each person has something interesting to tell; you just have to push the right button. A good idea will be to make more than one meeting, and during the first one, you will get acquainted with each other. Before the second conversation, you will think about the general idea of your interview essay format. This division will allow you to focus on detailed questions about person's life.

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Atmosphere of the Interview

Interviews are always about giving personal information. No one will ever tell you this if you are not trusted. But don't worry, the psychologists have already made up vital rules about how to make acquaintances trust you.

Go to a cozy place

There is no exact list of cafes, restaurants where you can go, just try to stick to the main requirements. The place shouldn't be too noisy or silent. The perfect idea is a table next to the window in the cafe which is not popular among people in rush hours. Music should be a relaxing background in the place. You may even ask the man which places he prefers. In a cozy place, both of you will feel relaxed, and it will be easier to open up to each other.

Don't be too serious

The best way to get interesting information from the person is by creating the allusion that it is just an ordinary talk with friends. Add some funny questions between the prepared ones. Tell jokes, add some comments about your life. Just don't make it turn into a serious interrogation. The more relaxed you behave, the easier it will be in becoming close to each other.

Be adaptive

If you see that the conversation doesn't follow your plan, don't panic. It is a normal situation when people share stories, and some topics are more interesting than others. Add questions that you haven't prepared, which are logical at that very moment. Simply make notes of what you have asked and keep going. The way to a pleasant talk is to be natural.

Organize your essay

After you have gathered the necessary information and asked all the tricky questions, start writing. Don't postpone writing because a distinct impression about the person will be in your head during only a few days. The earlier­ - the better.

Choose an intriguing topic

Imagine that you are a real journalist and your main aim is to attract reader's attention. After you got the basic information about the person you are writing about, choose a specific topic you would like to develop. There is no need to cover all the aspects of life of the man you are interviewing (unless your assignment guidelines require this). Focus on the message and the dominant impression which the audience should understand.

Develop your essay

An essay with consecutive question-answer-question type is outdated. You can try making your paper more creative. Add quotes, jokes, compare past and present interviewee's experiences, put questions to the readers by giving them food for thought. These techniques will make your essay interactive and will appeal to the reader.

You can focus on the biggest achievement and write about it as if describing a step-by-step approach to the main goal. Here you may not reveal at the beginning whether the person achieved success or not. Make it look like a story so that readers will be interested till the end. And only in the last paragraphs give the climax and tell about the success. This will help you to stay focused on the main topic and include additional information about the person's life.

Ask the Interviewee for Feedback

When the essay is written, proof-read, and polished, give it to the person you have interviewed. It will be the best way to check whether the message of your essay is faithful. You may ask the person of his or her emotions which appear while reading the essay. Ask about the whole process of interview, whether it was comfortable, pleasant. If the person gives you advice on how to improve your work, keep it in mind for the future similar assignments. As it is said, practice makes perfect.

Interviewing people is always a tricky task. But if you keep in mind the tips mentioned above and use them efficiently you will see that it is just as easy as one two three.

How to Write an Interesting Interview Paper? essay

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