Stress Management And Improving Working Conditions In The Company

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Unsuitable job done by the administrative staff. In this case, the administrators have showed a lack of interest in training of the employees. They should have worked together and to sort out what the problem is going on. But no one took the responsibility rather they kept putting their duties on others shoulder. There was no communication what so ever between them. They did not train employees the ways they should have been. The employees were not skilled enough to do a job satisfactory and on time. Which causes a lot of time wastage and the work done would not be properly executed. There is also miscommunication between employees’ and the administrative staff wants. that causes a problem even worse. Because employees’ do not know what the administrators wants from them. the employees don’t even know what are the company policies that he needs to follows. The proper instruction and time table is also not provided to the employees to do a certain job. The tasks are not assigned to employees which creates confusion in their mind that which kind of job they should have a grip on.

Job security is also not provided by the administrators. Because of this there is a certain amount of pressure in the minds of employees. the employees also want effective environment to do a job. That also is not provided by the Some extend its also the failure of the HR manager that he did not had the right man for the right job. so these problems create a major loss for company the as employees become lethargic and start indulging in other activities beside actual work and ultimately the employees’ became lazy. So I think what administrators should do is they should be on the same page to counter the problems. They should work as team to find a solution for the betterment of the company. Everyone should take the responsibilities of the task assigned to them. And HR should make a report card and take a report from every administrator each month and keep the check and balance to weather the administrator is performing their duties or not.

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The duty of every administrator is to produce a quality training material and to improve a work environment. There should be a regular contact between the administrator and employees. so that they are able to tell their employees what they are looking from the employees. they should also give the information about their company policies so that the employees’ are well aware what are the cautions they need to take and what are the limits they can’t cross. Administrator should give a proper instruction of a job and time limit should also be given to them so they are bound to do a task. There are certain jobs in a company that are repeated every now and then. They should allot a certain job to specific person. This will save a lot of time because that person will become habituated to the that work. It is also necessary for HR to hire an employee which has the potential to do job for which is he hired for. This part is as necessary as the working behavior of administrator.

HR should make some kind of a questioner before hiring the employee so that he can know that the man he is choosing is not just desperate for a job but he also had a passion for that job or at least capable of doing the job. The administrators are also lacking the citizenship behavior because they don’t want to think from their own brains to sort out the problems because they are not motivated enough. There can be various reasons for can be because they are not facing new challenges or they have the wages issues which does not want them to evolve in the citizenship behavior. Whatever the issue is it should be asked from them and it should be resolved as quickly as possible. Administrative staff showed the counterproductive citizenship from the as they did not take the responsibility assigned to them as the result training director had to take the matter in to their hand.HR should try to remove that kind of behavior by taking some precautionary measure. because It can be very harmful for the company. As an HR I should have them under my raider. I just should not be that strict only fulfill the requirement of a company but also listen to what the administrative wants from you. So they are kept motivated to the do the job.

Lack of commitment: lack of commitment is not the just the single reason for the collapse of a company but it is major issue in the downfall of a company. When the administrative staff don’t communicate with each other they lack trust in each other and they will probably avoid commitment. The communication can solve many problems. When they communicate with each other they are kept motivated to do the task. But their focus is on self-protection and sustaining friendly relationships., they stop listening to others’ concerns. Lack of commitment also becomes an issue when administrative staff fail to transfer clear goals or directions to employees. They Don’t know what they’re going to do, there is no communication and appreciation for what they do. they don’t see there what are positive and negative impact they had on the company between them and the company success is no longer their top priority. there is also miscommunication between the administrative staff and employees. Employees may feel hesitant when they want to discuss some issues.

Because they think that due to the higher status of the administrative staff they would not listen to their problems. It is administrator’s responsibility to build strong communication with the staff members. They should be appreciated for their work. Employees who are able to see the impact of their role within a company work harder. They see themselves as a member of the company, and an imperative part of the company's success. The Administrators should be regularly sharing the goals and vision of the higher authorities. They should be communicating how their job affect their company. Lack of commitment occurs when there is also no accountability of the administrative staff. If there is check and balance between them they will always be committed to the task. Administrators who do not communicate or ignore other.

They’re less committed to team effort, so they’re unlikely to “get with the program.” It becomes hard for a them to step forward amongst hindered decisions or incomplete assignments. Enthusiasm for job takes a tailspin. Some staff members even stop caring about whether they complete the task assigned to them. the types of the commitment will help us understand the lack of commitment in administrative staff. It seems like a staff has no Affective commitment in them, they have no motivation for work. they are doing a work as if they do not want to stick with the company. They don’t recognize what the company is demanding them to looks like they are not satisfied with their job. They should act like they are the representative of the company.

They should be a great asset for a company they should be an example to other staff member but they don’t even care about it. I think they also don’t have a continuous commitment in them, when the staff member doesn’t have affective commitment they tend to lose continuous commitment also. Because they don’t feel like working and they feel like their organization is responding negative and not supporting them. they feel like the company is in loss. They are going to get decrease in wages or bonus or they are not getting the instruction from the higher authorities. Even if they have not left the company they have the commitment issue in their mind.

They are also affected by the normative commitment. I think so a staff with greater organizational commitment has a more chance of contributing to organizational achievement and will also experience progressive stages of job satisfaction. High levels of job satisfaction, in turn, cuts employee turnover and rises the organization’s capability to hire and retain talent. we can reproduce commitment by encouraging the staff members to ask questions. When you invite dialogue, staff can learn more about each other. They’ll see others’ goals, approaches, purposes and mindsets more visibly, terminating the necessity to guess or assume. Successful staff member solicits all sentiments, situations and ideas, while encouraging those who offer them. They make a fact of considering all input, which sends a sense of belongings to staff members.

Maybe talking to them is the answer. job satisfaction is one of the key goals of all HR personnel irrespective of what their individual key responsibility areas are. A satisfied employee is not just an engaged member but a representative for the company, internally and externally. they can help dismiss the hesitations of others and can defend the company in different position. Happy staff member is more trustworthy to the company and its objectives, they can go for the extra mile to complete the task and take pride in their jobs, their team and their achievements. I think talking to them about their issue is the way. The reason may be that they feel that you are not engaging in them in your work is because they feel that you are not utilizing their skills and abilities to the fullest potential.

Undoubtedly, workers are certainly more involved in effort that puts their talents to good use. Sure, they may be better suited for some jobs more than others but by engaging them in work and recognizing how your individual strengths positively impact others, they can bring meaning and purpose to any job. One way to discover meaning in the job they do, although if it isn’t there dream job is to have a strong understanding of the correlation between their job and the company’s goals. Being attentive of how their job is directly supporting a larger outcome could encourage them to stay engaged and remain motivated. Regardless of the job, they want to feel respected in the company as well as appreciated for the work you do. They are more pleased in their positions when they feel respected and are praised for a job, even if it’s a simple thank you from a HR manager. You are often vocal when they make a mistake or something is needed of them but making the same effort to congratulate or voice appreciation can have a positive influence on their job satisfaction. Maybe the wages issues are also there.

There don’t have sufficient yearly increments in their wages. The promises about the bonuses and allowance made during their job interviews are not properly fulfilled. That can also be the reason they are unsatisfied with their jobs. The companies pay employees based on the job or task they are performing. Compensation generally has a minimum pay rate, a maximum pay rate, and a sequence of mid-range opportunities for pay increases that employees may be eligible for. The amount of salary an employee receives is usually based on market pay rates, which are established through market pay studies, for people doing similar work in similar industries in the same region of the country. Companies and organizations are made up of people, which results in all employees being a main factor in the success or failure of the company or organization. It is said to be that compensation is the glue that holds the employee and the employer together A dissatisfied employee expresses her negative views more in external forums than internal ones, due to suffering form of consequence. And when a current staff member speaks ill of the company, it reduces the prospects of the listener to be the part of the company and the reputation of the organization is reduced.

Hence it is also important that HR identify such administrator and work towards easing their problems and converting negative reviews to positive ones. Their job satisfaction needs to be solved with both short and long-term tenure. In the short term, it is directly connected to attrition and their organization match. It is important that they see the company going in well direction in their near future, else it would not take that much time for them to look for a change in organization. In the long term, it is more harmful when a staff member is not satisfied but continues to work with a company due to various reasons. Work tends to became more slow and less manufactured instead of shiny and original. Success is based upon the customs of the team, the temperament of the team, the difficulty of tasks, and the reward structure. The member starts to look for reasons to hate the company more. if a bad judgement is the core reason behind her dissatisfaction, the staff member might then feel that there is favoritism or that the company does not treated him as a treasured asset. Such hollows corrode the importance of the staff member.

Arranging stress management class in the company. There are many reason that the worker maybe under a lot of stress. The deadlines to do a task is unrealistic so they are always in a rush for a work. they feel a lot of pressure and anxiety and they feel extra burden of work. Sometimes they feel that their skills are misused. A lack of personal support and poor working communication with the higher authorities lead to sense of cut off with the others also produced stress in the mind of member. They are also asked to do the job in which they have not sufficient experience. They also feel a Difficulty settling into a new promotion, both in terms of meeting the new task requirements and adjusting to possible changes in relationships with colleagues. They have also serious concerns regards to their security of the job.

Because the company is in the downfall they uncertain about that whether they should stay in a company or not. they are also don’t paid enough or there pay is not increased to extend it should have increased. There is also a fear of doing the work wrong or admit the mistakes. Which limits their creativity. Weak or ineffective management is also a big issue that makes the morale of worker down. It also makes them feel they don't have a proper of guidance. they over controlled by the, which can leave employees feeling they are not that much of value for a company and it affect their self-confidence. Due to miscommunication between the higher authorities to administrator there is a failure to keep workers informed about significant changes to the business, which produces uncertainty among them about the future about their future.

The working environment is not suitable to perform a task. Affectively. There is no system of controlling environment, there is too much noise which effects their mental health. There is no proper system of lighting at the workplace. the equipment given by the company are outdated. Stress only isn’t produced by the mismanagement of the higher authorities. It is also produced by the clash between co-workers. Sometimes they tend to argue a lot and have conflicts with each other more often, because of that they tend to be non-regular in attendance. So it produces the great turnover in the staff member. As an HR manager Carrying out a stress audit is can be the best ways to find out whether stress is an issue in your workplace. It can also help us to judge the menaces of stress that people may face as part of your company. A best way of taking a stress audit is by arranging the stress management class, inviting them to take part in it and then ask them what are there major concerns.

Let the staff member know that why you have gathered them and the reasons for that. If you really want some output from these exercises, then you have to ask staff to list the best and worst things about their job and whether any of these put them under excessive pressure. You can also use questionnaires to collect some information. Although there's a variety of commercially available questionnaires, for good results you may be better off create your own checklist to fit the specific needs and working conditions of your business. This list should include the points like work scheduling and type of work, working relationship with colleagues, the level of communication and reporting, the working environment and their expectation regarding work. The costs of reducing stress in the company can be high. Stress from time to time is overlooked as a health and safety issues by the company. The surprising absenteeism of just one member of staff can affect production of the organization, and efforts to secure cover can be costly and time-consuming. When the company takes initiative to reduce stress related problem they will stop seeing these mistake in the near future.

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