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Coffee houses In the urban area were very popular. The entry strategies for Shattuck across USA and Turkey that might account for the there success was major the Cataracts experience. The experience consist of highest quality coffee from control over the quality and processing of the beans, outstanding people that were recruited and trained on knowledge of coffee along with costumer service and the design of the stores to create a cozy atmosphere with help of there sanctuary Like ambiance with Its aroma, lighting, music and dcord. This basically, attracted people to socialize at Cataracts coffeehouse. ) The Core benefit from Cataracts Turkey is the deferent variety of the Coffee they serve. Actual benefits are the excellent customer service from high trained on the knowledge of coffee along with perfect cozy environment experience. Augmented benefit Is the Turkish coffee that they offer In Turkey. 3) Cataracts uses hybrid-marketing strategy in Turkey. I can claim this confidentially because along with more that 30 varieties of drinks, including espresso based coffee drinks, teas, iced coffees, made from up to 1 5 types of coffee beans, food

Items, and merchandise goods, they also offered Turkish Coffee on their menu in Turkey, which Is part there heritage. 4) Market Penetration strategy: To grow the current products In Turkey, Cataracts can do the following: C] ; Encourage current customers to buy more by providing a stamp system where customer will get 1 cup coffee drink free after every 5 cups. ; Attract competitor's customers: By providing half price offers on selected drinks.

C] ; Get non-coffee drinkers to start coming by providing other local coffee substitute which will give hem opportunity to expose them to there core products. Market-Development Strategy: To launch Shattuck in new rural areas, there are three approaches that can be taken: 0 ; Perform advertisement before opening a new store to built anticipation In the surrounding people ; Prove TLS Diverge Tree at ten new location Tort a couple of days to built potential customers ; Check demographic of the location and dcord the shop accordingly to attract customer by their interests.

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Product-Development Strategy: If a new product is launched in the current arrest follow strategies can be approached: ; The beverage should be made according to taste of the customers ; Shattuck also introduce some local products, which are preferred with coffee by the common local community like Huzzah ; Provide free Internet in their cafés to attract professional and the student coward. Diversification: If they want to launch a new product for the new market, it's always good to keep following items in mind: ; That product should be exclusive for the locations community, which means that it should be according to their taste. Advertise the new product on large scale to make sure that community is aware of it. According to my understanding of the case, Shattuck has accomplished to penetrate the Turkish market in urban areas but there still growth potential, whereas expanding in the rural areas shouldn't be difficult task if they reduce there prices to some extend and follow some of the strategies mentioned above. 5) My recommendation for Cataracts Turkey to improve sales growth by little more localization while keeping hybrid strategy intact.

They should introduce some more coal food items with coffee. Some of their local sweets and Hausa, which also is a long lasting heritage of Turkey and the rest of the Arab community. Like Turkish coffee is an opportunity to socialize similar smoking Hausa with friends is also very common activity in Turkish get together. This is will bring more customers to the coffee house to hang out and by multiple cups of coffee in a single visit. Also reduce price to some extend to make it affordable to a larger variety of coward as Turkey has a very uneven income distribution.

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