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An Analysis of the Decisions, Life Choices and Study Habits of Students

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In life, many decisions are made. Some decisions are much more drastic than others, but many of these decisions lead to bigger and better things, some even changing lives forever. One major decision is which school to go to, rather, how much work should be put into school. A good student would normally go to a good school, study hard, get good grades, and excel with ease. A bad student would do the exact opposite, as they would maybe go to a good school but not study, not try, and fall flat on their faces and ask how they got on the floor. There is a huge difference between the good student and the bad student, and that is presented through the decisions a student makes in their lives. The good student. Always does their homework. Always studies. Always tries there best in everything they do.

This student is the perfect example that everyone strives to be at one point in his or her lives. Even if that student does not seem to be anywhere close to the good student, that student still wants to achieve goals and be somewhat similar to the good student. The decisions that must be made to be a good student involve aspects of changing one's life such as putting hours on end into studying, doing homework, and striving to do the best they can when any educational challenges are sent their way. The good student also has to make decisions on how they are going to study and how they are going to do their work, as their work will be seen by many and some will envy their hard, well appreciated efforts. The decision of living the life of a good student is easily distinct from the life of the bad student.

The bad student. Doesn't try. Doesn't do work. Doesn't want to be there and doesn't want to put the work into studying. The bad student has made very poor decisions to get to where they have gotten to. Just because they are labeled as "the bad student" does not necessarily mean they are stupid or they can't try. All students have potential, yet their initiative to strive to work hard and succeed with all they do is not seen as their decisions are seen as the wrong way to live. Actually, the perspective changes depending on which side one takes. If one is a bad student, they believe the road to being a

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good student is a rocky road which they don't want to take the effort to travel over each pot hole or bump. The good student, however, takes on the road and doesn't let the road control them, they control the road. The decisions of the bad student are seen as not trying and just plain lazy. The bad student has a much different life than the good student, and teachers greatly distinct how much they pay attention or put effort towards a student based on their level of working hard.

These labels of being the good student or the bad student do not mean that these students are perfect or imperfect, it just means that they follow the paths of life differently than everyone else. The good student might not have the absolute best grades but still puts in the effort. The bad student might not study or try but guess all the answers correctly. The distinction between the good student and the bad student are seen through decisions made in studying, trying, and striving to reach their goals. Bad students also have goals, but their goals are just seen differently through the eyes of a different type of student. School is tough, and not everyone is willing to increase and grow their knowledge of learning through the hard work presented by schools.

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