Sole Proprietorship and Restaurant

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1. 0 Introduction 1. 1 Background of the Study There are lots of beautiful restaurants with expensive food that get big earnings but they're not properly paying taxes. It can also cause the state or other local government to shut down a restaurant completely if taxes aren’t paid. Other restaurants change their sales for good even before the recession has started. Restaurants have become successful but others fail because of some problems like a bad location, poor visibility, no parking or maybe no foot traffic. These can affect the restaurant’s progress. 1. 2 Theoretical Framework

Mission: To serve great food at a reasonable price The restaurant is a single proprietorship; it has only one owner that provides the total needs of the business. It was established on February 13 2013. The restaurant starts at 6am until 12 midnight. The promos of the restaurant start at 10pm. The menus are based on their fixed menu just like fast foods; they're not changing their list every day. The restaurant has 5 crew members which serve the customers every day. 1. 3 Statement of the Problem 1. 3. 1 General Problem This study tried to investigate the factors that affect the sales of the Dyulyus crepes and steaks.

It answers the question "How do these factors affect the sales of the restaurant? " 1. 3. 2 Specific Problem This study also tried to answer the following questions: • How do the employee's skills affect the sales of the Dyulyus Crepes and Steaks? • Can changes in climate affects the sales of Dyulyus Crepes and Steaks? • How a new build competent restaurant affects the Dyulyus Crepes and Steaks? • Does the weekly menu give a negative effect on the sales of Dyulyus and Steaks? 1. 4 Significance of the Study The Management

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This study provides the restaurant the factors and a suggested solution for the problems of the Dyulyus Crepes and Steaks. It can help them to improve the rate of their sales and it gives them some ideas on how to avoid a decreasing value of sale's rate. The Customer This study gives some knowledge to the customers about the competition and problems that occur on the restaurant. It will provide reasons why some restaurant give some promos and use different strategies on selling their products. The Researcher Working on the research, the researcher gains some knowledge on how to strategize a single proprietorship restaurant.

He becomes aware on how hard to manage a single proprietorship restaurant. The Future Researcher This system can help the future researcher for them to have an idea for their upcoming research. It can guide them in constructing a research paper. 1. 5 Scope and Limitation of the Study Scopes This study focuses only on the following topics: • The factors that affects the sales of the restaurant • The effects that this factors brings on the restaurant's sales • The suggested solutions on the following factors that gives a negative effects on the sales of the restaurant Limitations

Despite of the following scope of the study, there are things that the study didn't include. These limitations are the following: • The ingredients or recipe of the restaurant's menu • The budget and the expense of the restaurant • The solution for spoiled food 1. 6 Definition of Terms The following words are given with meaning for better understandings of this study: • Sole Proprietorship - is a type of business entity that is owned and run by one individual and in which there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business. 2. 0 Review of Related Studies and Literature 2. Foreign and Local Studies Foreign Studies According to the research paper of Syed Saad Andaleeb and Carolyn Conway published at November 3, 2009, the following factors affect the restaurant's sales. Product quality Because the “product offering” for a full service restaurant is likely to be assessed by evaluating an actual product (the meal) and by where it is delivered (physical place), we decided to separate the tangibility dimension in SERVQUAL into its two aspects: food quality and the physical design/decor of the restaurant. The former has been discussed earlier along with reliability.

From the perspective of physical design, environmental psychologists suggest that individuals react to places with two general, and opposite, forms of behavior: approach or avoidance (Mehrabian and Russell, 1974). It has been suggested that in addition to the physical dimensions of a business attracting or deterring selection, the physical design of a business can also influence the degree of success consumers attain once inside (Darley and Gilbert, 1985). This involves research on the “services cape” (Bitner, 1992) which is the “built man-made environment” and how it affects both customers and employees in the service process.

Thus, we propose that; the better the physical design and appearance of the restaurant, the greater the level of customer satisfaction. Price The price of the items on the menu can also greatly influence Customers because price has the capability of attracting or Repelling them (Monroe, 1989), especially since price functions as an indicator of quality (Lewis and Shoemaker, 1997). The pricing of restaurant items also varies according to the type of restaurant. If the price is high, customers are likely to expect high quality, or it can induce a sense of being “ripped off. Likewise, if the price is low, customers may question the ability of the restaurant to deliver product and service quality. Moreover, due to the competitiveness of the restaurant industry, customers are able to establish internal reference prices. When establishing prices for a restaurant, an internal reference price is defined as a price (or price scale) in buyers’ memory that serves as a basis for judging or comparing actual prices (Grewal et al. , 1998). This indicates that the price offering for the restaurant needs to be in accord with what the market expects to pay by avoiding negative deviation (i. . when actual price is higher than the expected price). We propose that; the less the accordance of the actual price with expectations (negative deviation), the lower the level of customer satisfaction. Local Studies 2. 2 Foreign and Local Literature Foreign Literature According to the article of buzzle published at January 8 2013, the factor that affects a restaurant's sales is the following: • Demand and Supply • Marginal and Total Utility • Money and Banking • Economic Growth and Development • Income and Employment • General Price Level • Trade Cycles • Inflation • Recession • Exchange Rate Rate of Interest • Government Regulations Local Literature 3. 0 Research Methodology 3. 1 Researched Design The researches are base from the interview with the owner, observation and analysis of the researcher. The data was taken from the owner and was interpret and studied by the researcher. 3. 2 Data Gathering Procedures 3. 2. 1 Preparation The researcher talks to the owner and set a meeting date for the interview. After setting an interview, the researcher observes the transaction process of the restaurant and constructs some questions that can be use on the interview. 3. 2. 2 Interview with the owner

The researcher conducts an interview with the owner. The following details are the coverage of the interview: • Restaurant process • Mission of the restaurant • Menu of the restaurant • Factors affecting their sales • Promo's of the restaurant • Strategies of the restaurant 3. 2. 3 Analyze the Study The researcher analyzes the given data from the owner and come up with the following factors which include the: • Price of their foods • Employees skills • Seasons/Climate • Promo's of the restaurant 4. 0 Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data 4. 1 Sample Data 4. 1. 1 Restaurant Menu Cold Crepes

Mango Crepe60 Choco Banana Crepe60 Strawberry Crepe60 Warm Crepes Cheese Steak75 Beef n’ Mushroom75 Chicken Ala King65 Ham n’ Cheese60 Bacon n’ Egg60 Sizzlers T – Bone Steak99 Sirloin Steak75 Pork chop Steak75 Liempo Steak75 Savory Chicken Steak75 Hotdog w/ Egg Steak55 Tapsilog70 Sisig120 Extra Java20 Extra Gravy20 Softdrinks15 4. 1. 2 Interview • What are the promos that this restaurant gives to the customers? Dyulyus Crepes and Steaks gives unlimited rice and free iced tea from 10pm to 12 midnight when you order a food from our restaurant • What are the reasons that affecting the way you sell your products?

The reasons are having other competent restaurants, which give a confusion to the customers which restaurant they will choose to eat in. Another reason is the bad weather which cause a laziness to the customers to go outside and buy from a restaurant. • What solutions do you implement when a new competent restaurant becomes popular? It's natural in this kind of business, so we just act natural also. We don't easily get affected and trying to be consistent on our foods. Sometimes we are also implementing an improvement on the recipes. Table 4. 1. 3; Sales of Having a Promo and Without February 18-22, 2013 and February 25-March 1, 2013

Table 4. 1. 4; Sales of hiring staff March 4-8, 2013 and March11-15, 2013 4. 2 Interpretation of Data The interview shows that the bad weather, climate and season can affect sales of the restaurant. In some way having a new competent restaurant near at the subject restaurant can also affect the sales. It just likes decreasing the chances that their products will sell. The table 4. 1. 3 shows that promos can affect the sales of the restaurants. People are always looking for promo which gives them a higher discount. The more the discount on the restaurant the more they will avail on the restaurant. People nowadays are just being practical.

The table 4. 1. 4 shows that hiring of additional employees will affects the sales of the restaurant. In a positive way this factor can increase the sales. Having many employees can contribute more in production and serving customers in a fast way. 5. 0 Summary of Findings, Conclusion, and Recommendations 5. 1 Summary 5. 2 Conclusions The price is a bit expensive that's why they need to make it more affordable for students with a tight budget considering they only depend on their allowances. The students should also be able to enjoy their promos at their most convenient times and not during midnight where students have already went home.

It's also wise to add some crew during peak hours to assist the waves of students coming in during their breaks. Offer menus that are applicable or enjoyable with the weather and always keep the food presentable and delicious especially if you know you have a rival restaurant. 5. 3 Recommendations Bibliography http://www. technologyevaluation. com/search/for/sample-thesis-proposal-of-hrm-students. html http://www. ehow. com/way_6170764_thesis-ideas-management-degree. html Appendices ----------------------- [pic]

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