Social Organizations in Turkey

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This paper examines that social organizations in Turkey. The efforts of civil initiatives emerged. against to increasing and diversifying problems of World such as war, conflict, natural disasters, famine, drought, environmental problems, infectious diseases, educational issues,When the goverment institutions cannot provide basic sevices , civil society organizations engaged in. In modern Turkey women rights start with revolutions of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk outlawed polygamy and abolished Islamic courts in favour of secular institutions. After that in 2001 Turkish Civil Code changed.

This change provides women equal rights with men in terms of marriage, divorce and property ownership. In addition , Penal Code provides female sexuality for the first time as a matter of individual rights, rather than family honour. Nowadays Tutkey has so many organizations which protects women right and women’s shelter foundations. On the other hand its hard to say that most of them reach their goals. Most of this organizations locate in urban area,however there are a few organizations in rural area. In Turkey women who live in rural area are need more protection orf their rights.

In addtion most of women cannot join these organizations because of their family or husband. In Turkey ,sivil society organizations have great importance because of the goverment cannot its duty. I choose foundation for the Support of Women’s Work (FSWW),its a reformist,revisionist and expressive social organization. In addition FSWW is against to group conflict in Turkey. I heard this organization from a friend of my mother. I went their Office in Beyoglu,and interview with a kind woman who Works there as a volunteer general secretary.

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The first aim of FSWW is that recognizes basic women’s knowledge and effort in fighting poverty and contruction of their lifes ,and right to set up and solutions to their own concerns. Secondly,respects local woman values and avoids isolate themselves from their society. Thirdly,women are equal to men and it should be consideres as liet hat all over the society. Finally,they think that women’s equal participation in political and economic can only be achieved at the community or local level , is cooperation between local authorites and other stakeholders in society.

When I ask her ‘why you choose this organization’ she answered – ‘Acording to me this is the right place to defend the women rights and proviede jobs for women to gain them into the society and giving women economical freedom. ’ According to informaton that I learn from she FSWW aims to help to women to determine their individual and collective priories, develop and implement joint solutions,develope their capacity and strenghten communication between them. In addition it supports training ,credit ,cnsulting and marketing in order to increase women’s participation in conomic procesess.

These are some programs of FSWW ; Early Child Care and Education Programs FSWW develop alternative ways in expanding early child care and education services to low-income communities, through the leadership and advocacy role of grassroots women. With an educational approach bringing the children, families, educators and the community together, women cooperatively manage high quality early childcare and education programs. This program is internationally awarded and accredited by Vanderbilt University(USA). [1] Business Development Support

Training and monitoring support to enable women to develop business ideas by analyzing the existing local economic and market opportunities and their own skills, and new products with market potential are developed and women’s skills are improved accordingly. [2] Saving Groups Hundreds of women are organized in saving groups of 10-15 members where they bring their own savings and create their own funds to borrow for their financial needs. [3] NAHIL Shop: FSWW established a shop at the ground floor of its building in Istanbul, where various kinds of products (handmade accessories, decorations etc. produced by women from all around Turkey are sold as well as second hand clothes. The women’s products are also marketed through internet on the shop’s web site and other e-commerce sites. FSWW also created a regular second hand bazaar under the same name, with local branches run by women initiatives, the profit of which goes to local early child care and education initiatives. [4] ? On the other ,In Turkey so many women cannot join these programs because of their husband or family pressure. According to she ,their first aim to help these women who cannot join these programs because of society pressure.

It is very easy to being a member of FSWW. After the registration ,members can be aware of the meeting by the telephone and mail. So many women find out this organization by word out mouth and by the internet site. Group conflict and gender is one of the most important issues of Turkish Society. So many women treated as second-class citizens. Social organizations such as FSWW try to change this idea. In addition goverment is not succesfull in terms of defending women rights. The law system is dominated by men because of that decisions are always protects men firstly.

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