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Colleges will need to embrace these new communities in order to keep up with recruitment of the younger generations, student to student interaction, student to professor interaction. Backbone and Linked are some of the internet communities that we will need to embrace to encourage our recruitment and student interaction. Backbone has been around since 2004 and is still growing in popularity. Backbone gives you the availability to send an instant message, an email, post discussions, provide media, and provide detail information.

Colleges that have a Backbone page and interact with Backbone has the ability to recruit sophomores and Juniors in high schools not only in the surrounding areas but relied. This ability provides an advantage to have a more diverse student body. For young college students Backbone is a mean they utilize to communicate with other students about the activities going on in the campus. They also use this communication tool to converse about class assignments, organization functions, sports, and daily activities.

Students who do not live on campus, Backbone allows them to still experience college life and the inclusion of student activities. College professors can also utilize this communication tool to correspond and interact with al students, including students who participate at satellite campuses. The surrounding community will also have the availability to interact with the students because they will be able to show the students the history of the area, and support the college with financial scholarships and the sports arenas.

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Most of the surrounding community makes up the professors, educators, the educator families and friends. Professors will have the accessibility to be active not only with the students but with the students families as well. As a parent of a college student, I enjoy being able to see what the students are doing, what classes are troublesome, the activities the students are participating in, and when parents can interact with the student at school.

The disadvantages of Backbone include accessibility, lack of personable interaction, lack of social interaction, non-clarifying answers, misunderstandings of context of messages and pictures, invasion of privacy, and possible compromise of security information. Yet, these disadvantages can be kept down to a minimum by the college handbook and the student conduct codes by the dents themselves. Most college's network security will keep secure information safe from any breaches or hacking. Linked will be very beneficial for our graduating students, faculty and local business.

This social network will allow for the local and national business to see the types of students we are producing in the workforce. Linked will allow the students to make contacts with others in the corporate field of their choice and possibly encourage the company to reach an agreement with the college on training of their current staff. Our faculty will be able o utilize this social network by seeing what the other colleges are teaching and producing in the coming work force and learn what skills the companies are looking for, and provide those skills to our students.

The only down side to Linked will be headhunters from other colleges recruiting our faculty to come and work for them. But we can counter offer our faculty, pay retainer fees, and sign binding contracts with the faculty to keep them from leaving our facility. We will be using the waterfall model for the implementation of a Backbone page and Linked page. The system velveteen life cycle for this process we will need to make sure that all students will have access to the college Wi-If on campus, which we currently have in place all over the campus.

Our second phase will include making sure that students and faculty will have accessibility to a computer, which currently we already have in place in the library and common areas. Our third phase of the process will require the college to set up a Backbone and Linked account and have our IT department to maintain the accounts. Fourth phase of the process will require the college to get the rod out to the students about both pages on the internet and require all of our faculty to friend us on each site.

The final phase will be having our IT department to hire someone to maintain both pages for content on the page, the context of the messages on the page and be a monitor for any violation of student conduct codes. The only disadvantage for using these websites, we will not be able to modify the systems. The advantages outweigh the disadvantage immensely because startup cost will be at a bare minimum, and we will still be able to get an idea of how many of our dents are using to communicate with one another by the amount of friend request we receive and the amount of conversation context on the page.

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