Should Business Hire Undocumented Workers

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What are the legal and ethical issues in this case? The legal issues in this case are: there is anywhere from twelve to twenty million illegal immigrants residing in the United States illegally. As far as the ethical issues in this case, well there are so many issues I wouldn’t even know where to begin. The fact that any business would intentionally make their working environment and so poor knowing that only illegal immigrants would tolerate working there without reporting it to any agency or the legal system is beyond unethical!

Now that the legal system only requires employers to use the “E-Verify” system rather than making any illegal immigrant/person provide hard copies of their citizenship. Proof of legal status can now be passed off with false names that are given to employers make our government act irresponsible which causes them to not act ethical. The information that the person provides the employer may check out in the system but in reality is not legit; and is often overlooked because it can be without consequences to the businesses.

Any business that would “depress” wages so low that it causes the people who legally reside in the United States to take a huge decrease in pay because illegal immigrants that “check out” or not… are willing to work for a lot less than what the company previously paid out in salary by “overlooking” the fact that they are really just paying lower wages to undocumented workers and taking jobs from legal citizens is unethical and just bad business in respect to our US economy.

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In 1986 by the law allowing the proposed immigrants legal status in our country while promising that there would be tighter border patrol that would stop the flow of undocumented workers when in turn the illegal immigrant population rose from three million to twelve (or up to twenty) million is entirely unethical especially on our country’s law enforcement and laws as a whole. The federal government has acted unethical by not taking action to stem the tide of illegal immigrants that has caused for the “business world” to respond just as unethical by creating a somewhat “legal” black market of undocumented workers.

It is very unethical to provide welfare; cheap healthcare, education, and other community agency services to people that do not have a legal status within the country to begin with. The government not taking action in deporting any illegal immigrants in the system and allowing them to live in the United States but just not keep their employment. Although even if there status was proven bogus by a business they are not even mandated to report to it the law. That would result in legal recourse, which is the most crucial part in why this is only a growing problem and should be looked at as an unethical practice.

Our very own U. S. government’s inability to take the proper action in keeping the illegal immigrants out of the country to begin with and not taking action to get the overwhelming yet increasing problem under control needs to be seen by the effect it has and is taking on our economic system and how it must be managed quickly. This is a major component in our economy that restricts us as a nation to balance it back out. 2)Is illegal immigration primarily an economic, legal, ethical, social, or political issue? Explain.

Illegal immigration is primarily a legal issue but illegal immigration is still a social, ethical, and a political issue as well. I believe a legal issue can cause an economic and social issue to occur because the American social system calls for any businesses to be practicing legally. By the United States Government not enforcing undocumented workers to be deported even after they are verified or lack the proof of U. S. residency is apparent a business is still not obligated to do anything further other than not hire them.

If all possible illegal immigrants were reported to the Immigration system (INS) there would be more deportations required for the legal system to enforce. The fact that they are legally allowed to use the welfare system, school systems, and other various community help in most states is causing the U. S. citizens and others awaiting to enter the country legally harm by taking away their jobs, providing illegals to use our tax dollars without enforcing and not stopping illegal immigrants to live in the United States.

I believe this is not only an legal issue (although I believe it is the primary issue) it has become an economic issue that is growing rapidly, especially among the people that are having more undocumented workers in their community and can see the unemployment rate go up as they lose their job due to the fact the undocumented workers are willing to work for less and they can work legitimately because of the fact they are not required to furnish the proper documents that would prove without a doubt that their legal status in the U. S. is in fact legitimate.

Everyone will have their own opinion about the ethical issues in this situation. But people who share my opinion which is that the government’s failure to take deportation action is apparent and we now realize that allowing this to continue will only stem to bigger social, economic, and ethical issues overtime if the legal issue is not examined as being properly enforced. This is when we will start seeing even more political issues stemming from every point of view and what people in the United States deem the proper action that should be enforced.

The social problems will be endless when we start to see the increase in illegal aliens and a decrease in jobs and government assistance available. This could be part or the main reason that we have taken such an economic downturn. This matter needs to be considered top priority before our economy is to the point of unsalvageable. 3)Are companies that hire illegal immigrants being socially responsible? Evaluate this practice using the pyramid of CSR introduced in Chapter 2.

Most companies are not acting socially responsible because most businesses prefer to allow undocumented workers and illegal immigrants to be allowed to work in the United States. Businesses prefer to have illegal immigrants in the country because they can pay reduced wages and also reduce labor conditions ultimately costing the company less money to operate. They are legally abiding by the law set in place by using the “E-Verify” system that is not set-up to fully stop employment of undocumented workers without any repercussions to the actual business.

Legal Responsibilities are being placed so heavily on the hiring of undocumented workers that it has fueled a false documentation industry instead of terminating illegal employment as its sole intent. The economic responsibilities are not being met because of the hiring of illegal immigrants are putting people working out of a job that they would still have been doing if the pay was not reduced and the working conditions stayed the same, and did not decrease.

The economy is also failing from the rise of unemployment due to the layoffs and the fact that our economic resources such as food assistance, medical help, and other community outreach resources are being used by the illegal immigrants. The philanthropic responsibilities are null because a company who is taking away from the economy by giving jobs to illegals for cheaper pay cannot give back to the community and even if they did it would hardly be considered fulfilling any philanthropic responsibilities. )What are the legal and ethical arguments in favor of continuing to allow illegal immigrants to be hired by businesses? One of the arguments in favor of allowing illegal immigrants to be hired by businesses is: that there is a big current movement of non-profit worker centers across the country. These centers empower immigrant workers to defend their employment rights and their dignity. Some feel it is very important that public and private sectors strive to defend rights of those who are being treated badly, only because they cannot defend themselves.

Since it has been proven that the economy of the United States has depended on illegal immigrants for the last century, especially in the periods of growth. Some feel since Mexican immigrants constitute the biggest part of undocumented workers, and feel it is vital to make a reform that would insure a controlled flow of Mexican workers to the United States. Another issue is deciding on the workers that will be allowed to legally stay in the United States, and the workers that will be required to go home.

One of the proposed criteria is the period of time a worker has already lived in the United States. It is argued that this criteria shows to which the extent that a worker has already established him/herself in the country and has adjusted well to the culture. A major argument to this reform is the following: if workers employed in the above mentioned industries were given a temporary or even constant legal status or removed from the country, most of them would quit their jobs in order to find higher paid jobs in other sectors of the U.

S. economy. The next argument is that with current proposals only half of 11 million undocumented workers would be eligible to stay in the United States, and the remaining half would be required to go home. Without anyone to replace them, many ask, how will these sectors of our economy survive? USA was built as a country of immigrants, some of Americans came here many generations ago, and some are still coming. People were looking for a better place for themselves and their families, that’s why they were moving to United States.

Immigrants now are looking for better life too, and forbidding them is not a way out. The Constitution of the US protects everyone, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. It guarantees the same freedoms: to practice religion, to say what you want, to get due process of law, and to live and work free from discrimination. What are the legal and ethical arguments against illegal immigration? Sometimes employers take advantage of migrant’s due to their fear of deportation and losing a job. They can give them too low pay or too many hours without significance.

Often undocumented workers cannot refuse to do certain tasks or quit their job because they do not have legal status or refuse to report anything because they fear being without a job. When you are in a foreign country you try to get some stability and therefore will do everything to reach that including dealing with poor working conditions and lower pay so being in America with better conditions than where these immigrants come from will cause them to tolerate more and do more and not get caught without legal residency.

All undocumented workers are illegal. Despite the fact that these workers may be illegal all communities must be informed that: both, legal and illegal workers are protected under Americas most basic federal and state employment and labor laws because employers often do not know laws, or want to take advantage of an undocumented worker, immigrants are often treated in a different way than American workers. But the following rights are still universal and do not differ because of immigration status.

The right to receive the promised wage and/or at least the minimum wage and overtime pay for work actually performed, the right to healthy and safe conditions on the job, the right to receive workers’ compensation benefits for injuries on the job, and the right to be free from discrimination based on sex, color, race, religion, and national origin; age; and disabilities are still in effect. Which side do you support? I am opposed on any illegal alien working or residing in our country.

The fact that they are here illegally is the most important issue. Businesses shouldn’t hire a person who is actively committing in illegal activities so they should not hire anyone who is here illegally, that is still in fact a form of illegal activity no matter what. To me the company must follow the law. Laws are set in place to protect society. I also believe the laws that are in place should be enforced or strictly enforced when there seems to be major cause for an obvious growing problem such as undocumented workers. Why?

I think anyone who is seeking employment within the United States should be here legally and very easily be able to provide legitimate documentation of their legal status in our country. This would make more jobs available for this economy and would allow a reduced amount of strain on the welfare, education systems, and benefits by the employed legal residents and dramatic shortage of illegal aliens using it. Illegal Aliens hinder our nation because of their presence in our society, they do not replenish anything but damage quite a bit more than we realize.

Our crime rate has risen, crowding in our school systems have increased rapidly, and our social services are being used up by a ration of illegal immigrants. 5)Assess the issue of illegal immigration using a number of different ethical principles, such as the principles of rights, utilitarianism, and justice. What does each principle have to say about the issue of illegal immigration? The ethical principle like “Utilitarianism” would support what is justified of being practical or useful. The primary group to see the illegal immigrants as useful is primarily the business community.

The principle of justice is all about fairness. In this principle a few people might argue that illegals have a right to be here just because they are just seeking social justice but most would likely argue that social justice has its limitations, and that the illegal crossings of the border of a sovereign country would not be justified by the pursuit of a higher paying job. Mexico is not repressive toward its citizens, so it is not as though the illegal aliens are seeking or in needs of a political sanctuary.

We cannot expect our laws to hold up and be just and fair if we are repeatedly allow illegal immigrants to enter the country illegally. It would be comparable to letting someone one get away with murder but expecting the crime rates and death tolls to magically disappear! 6)With E-Verify making it so easy for companies to obey the law, is there any excuse for not complying with the requirements of the law? No there is no excuse for non-compliance with the law. But it still happens since businesses are not required to use the “E-Verify” system or choose just not to operate legally.

Illegals may be hired until they are discovered that they are not legal, which could take time in clearing up such discrepancies. Until each case is examined we are still potentially employing undocumented workers. By the time the system does catch up more of our money, jobs, and time have slipped and will continue to slip through the cracks. 7)What will be the consequences of the Mohawk decision? Besides the legal issues that came about when Mohawk was found to be hiring illegal immigrants, they also had a huge settlement to payout at the end of it all. This case was filed under the RICO act which is now being watched ven closer. Also, I would imagine that because of Mohawk’s decision to hire undocumented workers had a huge economic downturn that affected all Mohawk’s 50,000 legal employee’s that were out of jobs due to the hiring of illegal immigrants. Will this deter companies from hiring illegal immigrants? I believe that no matter what the consequences that Mohawk or other companies have had and will continue to have some companies will still be hiring undocumented workers just to cut labor costs and would rather take the chance with possible consequences they may face.

Some companies may take more caution in hiring undocumented workers because the laws related to undocumented workers and employers are continually subject to new amendments and inconsistent interpretation. This requires that an employer be proactive and diligent about staying current on the state of existing law. Fortunately, an employer can develop and maintain straight-forward procedures that address the legal requirements prohibiting the employment of undocumented workers.

Such procedures will likely help the employer avoid Form I-9 paperwork violations and defending IRCA-based anti-discrimination claims and RICO class action law suits. What is your assessment of the new Arizona law? I believe that Arizona made a good choice with their law set in place regarding illegal immigrants. This should allow more legal citizens to obtain jobs and cut back on the unemployment rate and help welfare, community resources, crowding in our public education systems, and etc. e extended to legal citizens who need these types of assistance instead of the illegal immigrants making money while the legal citizens rely on a cobbled up welfare system distributing its resources amongst the wrong people. With the ban of illegal immigrants residing in Arizona I am sure Arizona has seen an improvement in job openings and a huge release off the state’s welfare and other public systems originally meant for legal U. S. citizens. Why do states think they need to take action on this issue rather than waiting for the federal government to act?

Since this is a federal problem that is not being handled properly I believe all states should set the same example as Arizona and not tolerate illegal immigrants residing or working in their state. It is illegal no matter what and hurting America’s economic system by allowing this to continue without some interception. If it is a federal problem that is not being resolved than states within the United States should adapt their own laws to crack down on this before it is a problem that is addressed too late.

If illegal immigration continues to go unenforced, disregard for laws and the rule of law might spread to other sectors of the law as well. Ultimately the U. S. society will pay the costs and continue the spiral of moral relativism. The buck needs to stop here. If you are in the U. S. illegally than you have and are still considered illegal. No one should get a “get out of jail free card” so to speak just because we refuse to take action in this area of the law. If the law exists but is clearly being broken without any repercussions, than what would cause this to stop?

There are many people who are willing to come to America legally and would not be detrimental to our overall economic system because they would be regular tax-paying citizens with rights to good working conditions, pay, and other requirements businesses are required to run and operate legally. The more states that adapt the rule / law of refusing illegal immigrants to reside and work in that state without legal documents and have set in place some type of legal recourse(s) for doing so will see a better economy within the state and feel a huge relief of the state’s community resources that are being used.

The main issue at this point is stopping the illegal immigrant population to increase and solving the problems that we have with the ones who are already residing, working, and using funded resources here in America illegally. It is against the law and the law needs to be reformed and/or enforced, because we are essentially allowing illegal immigrants to break it anyways.

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