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Undocumented Immigrants Following The American Dream

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America documents the lives and stories of those undocumented immigrants migrating to the U. S for a better life but with the status of being undocumented comes great deal of hardship. The Immigrant are moving to the United State to have a better life because they have a background off poor economy In their home country.

But to have an undocumented status comes In great deal of Issues, Immigrants cannot support their family because of working in poor jobs. Being undocumented Immigrants, they do not having same working rights as American but they are doing jobs the American don't want. The difficult jobs are in horrible conditions, which could kill them in the process. Bosses who abused their powers by paying the workers less and not letting them speak their rights. We learned that majority of undocumented immigrants migrates to the U. S to achieve the American Dream, but in the end, It Is Just a false hope.

It takes much hardship and struggles just to be a legal in America and, for the undocumented, they overcome the struggles by working art. The American Dream was a hope for Diana, an immigrant from Peru, who made her have the decision to migrate to the U. S for a better Job and better opportunity, But to have an undocumented status made her realize, life of living In the U. S would be difficult. Her various Jobs as a cleaner were horrible and basically her life was mainly consumed by working: "It was hard work; all jobs here are hard.

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Life become monotonous: work and home, and then back to work again" (21). Her idea of the American Dream to have better economic opportunity was false and although Diana was living the U. S, she has struggles with working hard. Her life became a tiring routine. But despite working hard, Diana fought for her rights as an undocumented immigrant and worker who wanted to have the same rights as citizens yet she was treated unfairly and were put Into Jails, thus treating her Like a criminal who had no respect: "But there were no rights for us in jail, or anywhere.

Our rights aren't respected. I'm resentful of that. What angers me is that there are so many people here who live on the edge of the law. What they do goes unpunished. But I was treated like a criminal. My only crime was working hard" (30). The ICE put the undocumented workers included her into Jail because of their status of being an Immigrant which angers Diana, because she felt Like her rights were being strip away and many other people who done wrongful things get away with It.

Diana worked hard to make a better living for herself and in the end of it all, she was treated wrong because of being undocumented. This is important because it shows immigrants are being mistreated because of their status and put in blame for something they worked so hard to Just to earn money. That were taken place in his home country Guatemala that made him had the session to work at a young age as a farmer in Mexico to support his family. Although it was tough to work in a Job where he was completely alone and had nobody with him, his only reason to support his family.

His idea of America being the dream of better opportunity, migrating to America to achieve that dream but realizing it is not what he thought it would be. He experiences the imbalance of power his boss had over him: "But I was always afraid because my boss threatened me and sometimes he carried a gun. I would tremble in fear of him" (122). Their boss would abused their rower by discriminate the immigrants because of their status of being undocumented and denied their rights and were always getting beat down for it.

Also their boss would put them in dangerous working condition where they wouldn't train them professionally in result of death due to that: "this machine was very dangerous, and no one ever explained to us how it functioned" (124). In addition there was a death that occurred, "And this other person, my friend, who was still in the machine--he died. He died in the machine. It was absolutely horrible" (124). The worker died in result because they didn't get the training they need of how to work n the machine by which would be the lead of a death result.

This is important because most immigrant workers would have Jobs where it's in horrible condition and be put in dangerous situation. Finally, There was Roberto who at young age till he was a grown man experience working for dirty Jobs. He managed to migrate to the U. S alone because of the strained relationship with his father and so on his own he was able to find a Job as a farm worker which was in horrible working condition: "Radishes ooze a lot of stuff that also makes you very itchy, gives you sores - I think it's from the chemicals they spray on them" (61).

The Job, they work had chemicals that would irritates their skin and the field conditions were unsafe for immigrants that works day and by day in the sun from hard work that was dangerous to do. It proves they do the Jobs the Americans don't want. It would be in horrible condition and in a harsh environment where it is unsafe for them but immigrants were put in those Jobs that would pay in a few amount of money Just to make a decent living for not only themselves but for their families as well.

The America Dream for the undocumented immigrants who thought it was the land of opportunities and redeem was a false hope because most undocumented immigrants strives to put themselves and their families into a place where they can achieve this dream but in reality it's a real struggle because of all the hard work they have to endure which included Roberto who worked so hard to support his family.

This is important because undocumented immigrants come to the United State for the America Dream because of the poor economy in their home country or their background of coming from a poor family that made a decision to support them but in the end, we all struggle to make a better life for ourselves through hard work, we would overcome it.

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