Five-Part Short Film Series, the Hire: Case Analysis of BMW

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With many viewers of The Hire series asking for more short films and even some asking for a full length film what is the best option for B MM to take in order to one, maintain the market share they have gained through the series, and two, intention to increase their general market share. Four options have been set o UT by BMW as logical next steps for the auto manufacturer. As already stated two of the optic ions is to either release 5 more short films before there are copycat films made by other man effectuates or to create a full length film under the same premise.

Continuing, another route the at BMW can take is try and "milk" their first series of short films and try to further their ma reek share generated through those films. Lastly BMW could do nothing in terms of The Hire but instead go back to their traditional marketing techniques and leave the short film tech queue as a success and not continue. However BMW will have to choose the correct path and choose quickly as their competitors will be trying to regain the market share that BUM W may have stolen from them.

In early 2000 BMW had a six month window with not one future products bee Eng launched an opportunity presented itself for BMW to launched a non tradition anal marketing campaign not focused on one individual product. After deliberation BMW decide deed on a viral marketing campaign with the ending result being the short film series starring their own 7 series. BMW is now faced with the problem as stated earlier on how to o forth after such a success. One problem facing BMW is the idea of copycat marketing ca meanings by competing auto manufacturers that mirror the campaign of BMW.

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As stated I n Warren Michelle article : Calling all Copycats, "When BMW Canada introduced its shoo art film, drive, last September, it not only created a sensation among Toronto International elm Festival audiences, but also raised the bar for Canadian marketers. " Furthermore, Mimic hell went on to conclude "People were looking around for newness and here was a wonderful example. " Both are statements are amplifying the shift in marketing that companies must dad t do in order to stay in competitive and relevant in the new age of marketing.

The acceptance and even the overwhelming approval of the BMW campaign shows that consumers are area day for this shift and are showing inventiveness and need for uniqueness. However with stain g those two character traits BMW has created its own issue with targeting the segment the eye have ( younger generation) that if they were to try and milk the original series or Cree ate more films, if full feature or not, that they need to stay unique and need to create something g new for those who are receptive to new products and marketing techniques.

However, I do believe that Bum's strengths complements this segment wonderfully. To legislate, as stated in the Case based on Bum's market researched consumers of the BMW brand are "people e who tended to be leaders, who worked hard,played hard, and achieved a lot very early in life" and with BMW being performance driven and there short film being based around someone who is leading someone to safety they are able to satisfy someone psychological needs. Further remorse, people who tend to be receptive to new products tend to be leaders in their world an d BMW products are for those powerful leaders.

Firstly, one must consider all of the pros and cons to the options that BMW h as put forward to make an informed decisions on what the best course of action is. Beginning, BMW has the option to try and expand the audience for their first series of short fill ms and try to increase the positives that it provided. This is done by opening up The Hire to a wider audience by allowing the series to go to DVD or even allow it it to be seen in o there forms like theaters and other websites. BMW will essentially be using the short films as a cash cow and milk as much influence over the public that it can provide.

This option allows f r a relatively low cost approach that still can increase Bum's market share while allowing BMW to focus on their upcoming releases of the 2005 models. However, I do believe that there are some negatives to this approach. For one, it opens up the door to competitors to be utter on what BMW did basically making their films obsolete in that segment This same coco renounces happened when copycats showed up during BMW first Z campaign when t hey placed their car in the James bond film goldenly, a technique that jaguar would become very attuned with.

I believe that BMW must stay in their segment and strive for uniqueness ND for inventiveness. Continuing option two for BMW is to create another set of SSH rot films that continue on the story arc that was created in the first series. As stated in the c ease article more than 90% of viewers pleaded BMW for another set of short films continuing with Clive Owen returning as the driver. The positive behind such an approach that the excite meet that was generated will be able to carry over to a second series plus they are able to SST ay in the lower cost range without having to use millions of dollars to create a full length film.

Furthermore, it lows BMW to use the same metrics they did with the first series which create sees an easier route to the end goal. However, as I have stated above BMW much look to sat y reuse In their advertising because that is what drew so many to the first films and prop died the positive blowback from the films. Also if copycat marketers were to start creating their own films Bum's films may get lost in a sea of material and their content could get undo ermined if a competitor was to make better content.

Despite the drawbacks of copycats B MM may be able to use that in their favor if they are able to release their second set of short fill s before the market gets saturated. If BMW was able to get to market first then there con .NET would be able to stand above to others while still looking unique and have the other co monitors have their content undermined. Doing this would allow BMW to maintain the Pearce option and attitudes that consumers have of them that they are a innovative brand, plus they will be able to maintain a halo effect with the positives of The Hire influencing the perception of the second series of film.

In an overstated market, a positive perception is key. Thirdly, at the request of several of viewers of The Hire rise, BMW has the option of making a full length film based on the same story that was told in the first film s. Such interest has been shown for a full length film because how much people have invest d in the character of Clive Owens and they would like to see a full story told about the James Bond queues character.

One of the main drawbacks that faces BMW with the develop memento a full length feature film is the costs associated with creating a 2 hour film that is o n par with the quality that was presented in the first 5 short films. However, one of the posits eves to such an undertaking is that BMW is able to stay new and unique in a market that is go Eng to become very saturated. Plus need for uniqueness and innovativeness are two character restricts they represents their market base and they need to satisfy those characteristics.

Co intriguing, the last route that BMW may be able to take is the least cost and easiest for them to complete, do nothing. The option allows for BMW to focus on more traditional marketing the at they have been consistently good at and they will be able to bring more focus back on t he individual products that they will be launching in there near future instead on just grow Eng the BMW brand alone. Furthermore, with more focus on the products they will be able t 0 focus On the competitive advantages that their products have over the competition because e they will be able to go deeper into the product features then the short films did.

The DOD inside of BMW gong back to tradition marketing ands not continuing with the short films is the at they're missing out on the opportunities that the short film series brought and they c an still grow their brand further of the first series and any upcoming films that they could do in the future. Summarizing, BMW has 4 different ways that they can tackle the problem ahead of them each with their positives and negatives outcomes. The Decision criteria that BMW must focus on and base their decision on is the at of what option allows them to grow their brand the most without giving up to m such.

BMW must consider the resources and cash that they need to spend in order to act on EAI chi option and whether the inputs justify the outputs. Secondly, BMW must consider how the y will be perceived by the target market that they have segmented. Will the route they take be positively or negatively impact what the consumer think of the BMW brand. L ghastly, BMW must insider that the characteristics of their consumer if people who look for new and unique products and any option they take must register with these characteristics or they may lose what they gained through the excitement generated by The Hire.

In summation, I believe the option that BMW should take the option of release Eng 5 more short films to complete the series and then advertise DVD's with the co meet ten part series. Believe that this is the best option for BMW because it allows them to capitalize on the hype generated by the first set of films plus it is giving the consumer what hey ask for. Furthermore, because they have already taken this route they will be able to generate the second series with relative ease and have a lower cost than creating a feature film.

In addition, by releasing a DVD set that includes the first set Of films they are still able to milk the influence those films have. However the most important aspect of choosing t his option is making sure they release the films quickly and before any competitors start FL doing the market. I believe in order to achieve that BMW must start producing the films right away and tot be as extensive with their build up to the second set of short films as they were the first.

I believe that if done correctly BMW can further cement themselves in the pup err echelon of the luxury car manufacturer market. In the words of Mcdowell "We've always belie feed that the future belongs to the nimble. You see this in our cars, and you see this in our marketing. " There are several acts of corruption that need to be punished justly but I believe that the act that is the worst for the government and the public is conflict of interest.

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