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“MYD Program”

The Make Your Day Program is shaped to develop classroom management through evaluation and assessment as academic protocols in enhancing the student’s performance in school as well as with the development of the “guidance” aided by the school instructors.

Consequently, on the case presented, the most efficient way to bring back the enthusiasm of the student is through the utilization of parent-teacher collaboration and Make Your Day Program philosophies—“do what is expected and do it the best you can”—which provides the student the opportunity to engage in self-peer-teacher evaluation tackling their efforts and behaviors on an everyday basis with corresponding points.  Conceivably, with the aide of constant communication and opening up the emotion of the child and making the student share the presupposed reason for the actions, the predicament shall then be given ample attention and analysis so as to draw the ability of the child away from the verve of unreceptive reactions.

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Classroom management dilemma

The speaking incentive or the pre-requisite regard towards communication strategies has been evident in educational curricula in the contemporary society.  Hence, it is undeniable that there are students who possess the utterly “shy” personality by which they are unable to air what they wish to express in classroom for reasons which are laid on the issue on health, racial discrimination, status quo or an innate sense of anxiety (Aviv, 2007).

These problems are cited by communications professors as a an “academic dilemma” since that it pulls back the student from getting the whole gist of what is to be acquired in school only because there exists a cold feet in expressing their emotions—which by hand is considered as a vital factor in learning—to be able to share their thoughts.  Studies show that there are students who fail getting a degree and drop out of further education because of the crippled ability in public speaking or in effective communication by which various profession pay high regard and attention.


Aviv, R. (2007, November 13, 2007). Don’t Be Shy. The New York Times.



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