Inequalities on City Road: Monopolizing of High Street Shops, Impact on Local Businesses, and Sense of Security within the Community

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Drawing on what you have learned from the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, describe some inequalities on City Road. Contemporary Brutal over the last fifty years has come to welcome a wide and diverse community made up of nationalities, races and religions, none more so, as seen on City Road in Cardiff.

This particular street is featured in the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1 (LLC), from which it is evident that there are noticeable differences and inequalities within the community. These being; monopolizing of high street shops, secondly local businesses effected by community arrives and thirdly, a sense of security within the community. What follows will attempt to briefly describe and provide possible rationale for such inequalities to exist. Established themselves firmly along this road which happen to be In close proximity to smaller Independent supermarkets, consequently the monopoly which these shops hold mean they can afford to attract large numbers of the community by using their buying power to host special deals, reduced items and stocks range of products all under one roof, this convenience for the individual can save the need to ravel to many of the smaller independent shops, such as the newsagent owned by Colon Butler, a family run business since the sass's.

Colon Butler was interviewed by poet and artist Lloyd Robinson regarding how his business may have been effected by the larger shops to which he admitted "... But that didn't affect me but it did knock out the newsagent next to him. " (the Street' 2009 Scene 1). Customers visiting Colon Butler are directly affected by this inequality, existing due to inflamed prices. However, It Is often that regular customers to such a local shop feel a sense of immunity split despite probably paying a premium.

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Furthermore, Colon Butler and his family business may be adversely affected due to the local council's plans to implement a bus lane along City Road. Whilst this aims to create a fast and efficient service for it's community, an inequality emerges for the local shops opposite the bus lane, as road markings will inhibit potential customers from parking and collecting goods too heavy to be carried on the bus. This is highlighted by a local business man, Jose Ramose Square stating "... We are a small cuisines people, we earning our living here and we don't want to lose our customers because they, it's bad enough now people cannot park. (Making Social Lives DVD, 2009, Scene 5) It would appear according to the DVD, that some motorists may park outside their shop of choice. However, once said bus lane Is fully functional, no parking will be permitted by customers at any time Including the elderly or Injured who may view this as an Inequality. Educational establishments to name but a few. Some of these occur in daytime whilst others such as eating out would often happen after dark. The cover of which can to some residents seem unsettling and unsafe.

This sense of lack of security/safety is of course purely subjective, yet made ever more real by groups of younger people hanging around the bus shelter along the road, for instance a local police-officer, Pc Bob Keenan, argues that City Road "... Is not a bad area... If you apply common sense... " (Making Social Lives DVD, 2009, Scene 6) conversely, a young female was interviewed at a pool hall along City Road expressing her frank feelings regarding the atmosphere in this local community at night time. Although this woman cannot recall any personal negative experiences, she talks of how this "... Dead rough... " (Making Social Lives DVD, 2009, Scene 8) area reminds her of Nottingham where she used to live. Coupling the female's view of City Road being an unsafe and dangerous place to be, are the sentiments of one male user of the Municipal Club, when asked "Is it safer these days? " He replied "No it's not safer, you walk top of City Road at night you're afraid to walk up there. " (Making Social Lives DVD, 2009, Scene 5) Why should these wow individuals and possibly more suffer the injustice of this particular inequality, being a sense of lack of safety?

City Road, Cardiff describes to it's local community a myriad of inequalities some having been discussed. To some members of the local community certain inequalities will always exist whilst to others they may not seem so apparent. Should the local authorities fail to make parts of this neighborhood 'feel' safer, the next result cold mean a reduction in socializing at clubs thus forcing a closure. Could such inequalities lead to a tear in the fabric of this local community?

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