Self-Assessment and Reflection Paper

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As I look back over the years I thought about my position as an educator in the early 1990's. I taught adults 18 years and older typing and introduction to computers at Barclay Career Center in Jacksonville, Florida for three years. It never ceased to amaze me at their eagerness to learn. Also as a minister, I experience numerous individuals from various backgrounds. Every one of them is managing problems or difficulties that impede their achievement of intention every day.

They look for profound direction and a deeper association with from me and I am there to offer assistance. However, as I started to examine from the top to the bottom for solutions of taking care of the issues of the individuals, I also discovered that numerous adults had an illiteracy impairment which is a hindrance, and of absence of basic education. I found on both professional levels that although the majority were eager to learn, we still needed to assist most of our adult learners in preparing for postsecondary education, so that they could have successful careers, and productive lives.

They were acking so many essential skills I cant even explain how they were allowed in the program without it. Thus we started an Adult Basic Education Program at Barclay Career Center. This program included program instruction in basic literacy skills: In reading, language, writing and math. We emphasized writing, basic math computation vocabulary development, dictionary skills, comprehension improvement, critical thinking, and math problem solving. After a few months we begin to see the turn around especially in their reading, writing and math.

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So when I was asked why do I want to become an adult educator, and what aspect f adult education or training do I plan to pursue? All these memories flooded my mind. I enjoy empowering adult learners to realize that they can achieve educational excellence, and become what ever they desire no matter what the age. Through my compassion and desire for others ignited me to want to make a difference in other peoples lives. I have selected a vocation in instruction because I believe that it is one of the most essential task performed in our society. I believe that educators exclusively and altogether can change the world, as well as to enhance it.

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