Segregation Gender in School will not benefit anyone

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We all wonder if segregating boys and girls are the right thing to do. Studies show that boys learn at a slower rate than girls and that it would be fair if the boys learn separately and learn at a slower pace. I disagree; I don't believe that boys and girls should like segregate for various reasons. Some of the most important reason that can cause harm when segregating boys and girls is either negatively influencing children, learning experiences, or gender stereotypes ("Segregate Boys & Girls at School? "). A University Studies found that girls improve boy's grades at school.

By not having a segregation it allow boys and girls to have a more effective learning experience and won't cause stereotypes among each other. Studies show that even if boys learn slower than girls, they start to learn equally once they reach university level. We also have to think about, is it fair for the girls if the boys are going to be taught easier because they are one year behind than girls. Is it true that boys will improve on their academic if there was a segregation, no, why? Because boys who have more classes with female peers show higher enrolment rates in both Advance math and science classes and benefits grades for both genders.

By having girls in the same classes as boys, they will help them with their assignment and project because girls tend to not be lazy than boys and tend to finish on time unlike boys. Boys tend to not care about school as much as girls and tend to have lower grades. If boys are separate from girls, most likely their grade would fall, because there would no motivation for the boys. Also, if there is a segregation that occurs, there would be a lot of competition between the boys and girls which can lead to great success but also not so great.

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What I mean it's not so great; well think about it, if there is a competition between boys and girls academic, would boys actually work hard and win, most likely no because like I said most boys don't care about school, they slack on homework and such so why work hard now to win. I think it's best for boys and girls to be in the same classes working together, and help each other out so one another don't slack and be lazy. Boys and girls would learn more effectively because there will be chances for them to hear the opinions of their class mate, which can help them learn from others, other than the teacher.

It would be fair if boys and girls are taught equal and with the same technique because when it comes to marking test and assignment, everyone is learning the same thing and the same way so no cheating will occur. When boys and girls work in groups, they can help each other and have their own opinions about the topic, this way it helps the student learn from one another and be able to work well later on in life. When they start working, it would be easy for girls because they know how boys think and can reflect on their opinions and understand them well.

Communication is a big factor in our society, and mostly when learnt at a younger age in school so that boys and girls aren't socially awkward when they are older and if not it can cause a lot of difficulty to speak to other people. Boys and girls have to face the different gender in their life for example, dating and marriage, well of course they face the other gender at home and after school, but because we spend so much time at school; 6 hours, 5 times a week, it's easier and faster for them to face it during this period of time.

They will learn to have a better communication skill at work place and other places involving a lot of talking with opposite sex. To improve on their communication skill, they are put in groups with equal part boys and girls and once they are put in those groups for assignment and such, they will have to learn to communicate with each other to get a decent mark in that class. Also presentation, they will have to learn to present both sides opinions to their classmates.

It's also fair for the boys and girls because it allows them to communicate and understand each other better than having to only listen to only one gender opinion. Communication Therefore, I do not agree with segregating boys and girls because of those reasons I stated above. Like I said it would be more effective for both genders if they work together and hear one another opinion and not just the same sex opinion.

By having girls in the same classes as boys will motivate them to work hard and to impress them, because what can I say, smart boys are attractive and when boys know that they tend to work harder. Also better communication skills with both genders because they're at school 5 times a week and 6 hours a day, so it's best for them to learn communication during those periods of time. Basically what I'm trying to say is that, it's not a great idea to segregate boys and girls, it's the nature of learning and growing up.

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