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Age Segregation in Pakistan

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Richard and Gill walker, looks into the social context of housing for aged ones. It covers the demographic material, facts about social framework of housing for older people. This includes a review of demographic information, evidence relating to the needs, perspectives and choices of the aged people with respect to this housing, along the problems of segregation and marginalization and their impact on their livings.

Attitudes towards Old Age: A Study of the Self-Image of Aged is another article by Philip O. SiJuwade, which looks into the ifferent approaches , stereotypes, and age factors which regulates suitable behaviors for the older ones(social image). It states that, old ones have developed their self-image too, which depicts the way they think of themselves and the way 'others' think of them. This article is based on primary research states that stereotypes have been built about the aged people of the society and they are not treated in the way they deserve to be.

Residential satisfaction of the older adults in age-segregated facilities is an article by Sandra G. Reynolds and Julia O. Beamish hich looks into the housing satisfaction of old home people with liberated living services. Twenty one residents contributed as a focus group and results showed that these old people liked safe and secure atmosphere and value good design, friendly neighborhood, privacy and residential characteristics. Social Isolation and Loneliness in Old Age: Review and Model Refinemnt is an article by G.

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Clare Wenger and Richard Davis, presents an empirical literature on social isolation and marginalization and links it with an existing publication. He indicates that main factors of social solation includes marital status, social interaction, health conditions, behavior of 'others', type ot networking and loss ot mobility One ot the tamous sociologists Livson conducted a research ,'The Transition into Retirement and Old Age' in 1962 and found that survival of family, economic condition and health condition along with other factors plays important role as individuals adopts to grow old.

She is of the view that changes in economic and health status are not only the issues which require our attention. Most important issue is the adjustment of that particular person into the current situation according to the increasing age. Methodology: My research methodology constitutes both primary and secondary research. My primary research was basically a qualitative one, and I choose to visit an old house situated near Bhhatta Chowk. In old house, I interviewed a total of 15 people in two visits to old house. In those 15 people, 12 were the residents of old house, 7 of them were male and 5 were female.

Other than these 12 people I interviewed three more ladies who were there to visit their friends. My interviews were structured and semi structured and I asked question according to the situation and personality of the erson. The focus of my questions generally revolved around their perspective about this residential segregation and the bonds they have developed within themselves in the old house. So extract the proper information I had discussions about their family background and the reasons for which they preferred or forced to live in old house.

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