Anyone can make a difference

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There is no such thing as a perfect world although we continue to try and make it seem that way. Mankind has dreamt about making this wish a reality for many centuries yet has failed in its attempts. This concept along with the failure it carries exists because no one man or women can entirely change the world we live in. No two people are alike so therefore how can millions of individuals be expected to have the same exact motives or desires.

In contrast, the reality is that no matter what sex, GE, religious belief or ethnicity you carry, everyone has the same bottom line basic needs that must be met for survival. If each and every one of us could understand that perception and accept it than the key to peace would be among us. Over the centuries in which humanity has been alive it seems that this fact has not been discovered by all its civilization. So therefore many have learned that by separating themselves from trying to persuade this thought, they can more over begin to focus on their own parts to play in this action movie called "Life".

This world is filled opportunity; anyone of us can have and will have the chance to take a stand in making our home a better place. Being a strong advocate of voting, it is shocking to conclude that many of Americans do not participate in the act of voting, elections or other democratic virtues. The best tool that we have at our disposal is the Benton 2 power to vote, which is the most sufficient way to voice our own opinions. Too many people described as Americans like the idea of problems fixing problems but this solution is unrealistic.

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If someone does not agree with how the government is running things then it is stated in the Declaration of Independence to speak up! It is overall OUR RIGHT to say so! The government should never have full control over our country; we are supposed to have a democracy run civilization not some communist dictatorship! Another action that should be used in attempt to make our world a finer place is to recognize how something so simple as showing respect and love towards one another can lead to such positive self-outcomes beyond measure.

Anyone no matter hat sex, age, religion or ethic background again should be treated equally and not any different then how you would want or expect to be treated. No one human being is better than another even if he or she makes more money or is shown to be in a higher standing within the system. I mean if there really is a "God", than we are all his children, correct? No favorites would have been picked from the bunch over another. Nevertheless, along with these examples, a dedication to volunteer activities can also provide an impact on the community not alone on you.

Regardless of the location in which you become involved with such extracurricular activities it is always known to show a positive feedback. There are so many amazing, kind hearted and wonderful people who reside here in Fresno, California not mentioning the rest of the planet yet along with these people one should recognize that there will be a lot of harsh ones to follow. Yet, experiences with others should never change your own view and relations to the outside world. It is true that his economy is so horrid Benton 3 eight now that it is causing thousands to morph into self-centered monsters.

This reality is disgusting as it is the barrier that is separating that of commonality. Sadly enough, this sequence of events is taking venue only because of the way we have let such issues prolong. The need for survival is a mind-controlling factor yet if we could all realize that by working towards a much deeper long-term goal, we all would be much better off. The strong crave for the light bulb to one day appear over the naive is prodigious as help from America's people is so desperately needed.

Evidentially enough, it is impossible to turn the minds of everyone single handedly so some must carry on with their own lives and continually try their best in spreading their own opinions and words in the appropriate ways. While dreaming of a greater day, maybe this exhibit will one day be transformed into a reality for at lease our children or children's' children to experience. All that any single individual can do is give effort and think that maybe their suggestions will make a positive influence and one day spread into something larger and far greater...

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