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Critique of Journal of Bussiness Ethics Seeing

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Journal of Business systems governance and ethics looks into different aspect of business ethics. It has different papers which are looking into the issue of organization ethics, human resource management, and relationship between the organization and its environment.

It looks into the relationship between corporate ethics and personal ethics and how they impact no the business.  It also looks into   the aspect of professionalism, ethics and the life long learning among ICT professionals.

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This journal also looks tat negotiation decision support systems and the link between the operations strategy and human resource management for organizations like non-governmental organizations that work in unstable environment.

Literature Review

This paper by Helen Maddeen-Hallett (2009) looks into the relationship that exists between corporations and is ethical standings in addition to the ethical standing of employees assessed within a framework of eight main dynamics. It argues that there is a direct correlation between the ethical standards of a corporation and that of its employees because the highest ethical behavior possible for an organization equals the highest standards of its personnel.

It shows that companies which behaves ethically are likely to be more profitable compared to those which are believed to be unethically exploiting resources from the public (Brenner, 1992). These organizations develop anti-trust and non-cooperation and have a cost of two and half trillion dollars per year. These organizations are also likely to damage themselves and also damage the dynamics at which they intersect.

This paper identifies the main problem to be how it is possible to find ethical personnel that will result to benefit for all the related dynamics. The paper deeply explores the idea of business being a part of the whole scope of personal ethics.  It also looks at indicators of ethically minded personnel to generate important information that can be used when hiring especially middle and top management personnel.

In the second paper, Agrwal (2009) looks into negotiation theory in line with game theory, psychology, and negotiation analysis. He argues that there is a trend towards Integration Negotiation Theory that brings together these three theories.

The paper combines prospect theory and negotiation theory   in order to incorporate the risk associated in negotiations. The paper discuss development of Negotiation Decision Support System (NDSS) which is a information technology tool used in negation theory.

Tatnall and Davey (2009) discusses about aspect of professionalism, ethics, and lifelong learning of ICT professionals. The article looks into how ICT professionals have found it necessary to keep on upgrading their skills in line with emerging technology. The article discuses in details what is ICT professionals and what entails risk reduction.

Hassin (2009) discusses the link between operation strategy and strategic human resource management for NGOs which operates in unstable environment. The article discusses how HRM need to be proactive and responsible to change in operation environment.


The article is relevant to the area is researching. It contains credible literature and the sources used are all credible. The article also discusses in details the subject it is researching.

Critical Review

I find this article most appropriate for the research.  It has looked into the subject of research in greater detail and has used credible literature. However, it has not taken in-depth primary research but solely relies on secondary research


This journal has covered the areas of research in greater details. It has carefully selected literature to be used in each subtopic and has given enough attention to each topic. It is relevant to the area of research.


In order to make the research more reliable, it is recommended that the article should use primary research since this is considered to be more accurate and reliable compared to secondary data.

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