Sarah’s Scenario

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That will put Sarah In a position to disobey her parent's rules of curfew. Socially, she is extroverted and thrives off of other people. There are three factors that Influence her willing to go against her parent's rules. These Include belonging, understanding, and enhancing-self. She Is new and wants to belong too new crowd and fit In while trying to understand their outlook and ways of talking. With that, she Is likely to feel more worthy to the group and make her feel better about herself.

According to chapter 16 of Learn Psychology, (20131 cognitive dissonance Is a discomfort that someone experiences when putting ideas together that conflict with each other. Now in this situation, Sarah displays cognitive dissonance when she knows that she has no business going to anyone's party because if she does, she will miss her parent's curfew. If Sarah chooses not to go to the party, she will miss out on having fun with her new friends. This is likely to give her a uncomfortable feeling because she knows she does not need to go.

And that is because she knows it will cause conflict with her parents. Sarah is being affected by a few behaviors in this situation. Conformity is when a person changes their ways and thoughts to be alike another persons. Sarah wants to go to this party because she never attended one before. She also wanted this new roof of individuals to continue to involve her and invite her to events. Plus she was afraid she would miss out on the fun had she not went. Sarah displays conformity by giving in to her friends' beliefs because she went to the party anyway when she should not have.

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Then Sarah meets a boy named Jack at the party. As they talked, they learned they have quite a few things in common with each other. Jack and Sarah share several factors of attraction such as similarity, proximity, and physical attraction. If they do get to go on the date Jack invited her on, they are likely to enjoy themselves and get along well. They had a few similarities such as enjoying the same music or going to the same school. They also live In the same area nearby each other.

Also, Jack Is clearly attracted to Sarah because he left her know that he thought she was beautiful. Because of these few factors, they surely have an Interest In each other romantically. Then two guys from the party get Into a pretty abrupt altercation and argument. Of course all the party goers have a piqued curiosity so they run outside to satisfy that need. Funny thing Is, no one stopped these two boys from fighting, That altercation ended up turning physical and again, no one of the party goers went o help the boys.

Because of this physical altercation between the two boys, that group of popular kids used the bystander effect which means, "people are less likely are when they are alone. " (Carter & Sifter, 2013, Chapter Chapter 16). What these kids ended up doing was leave. They all went home. What one of these kids could have done differently is display diffusion of responsibility. That means a person has the tendency to be the responsible one and push the help factor amongst everyone else. Yet, not one child did, they ended up leaving the boys and everyone else there t the party..

Sarah was likely going through the initial events of her evening because of her displays of conformity. She had a great deal of experience with social influences that evening. Questions are, if she had attended the party alone, would she have left the party by herself after the fight? Or would she have Just stayed there after the fight even if she had come alone? Sometimes people tend to do things differently when they are around other types of individuals. On this particular evening, Sarah and all her decisions were ultimately influenced by her peers all evening long.

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