Sarah’s Night

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Sarah wanted to impress them. Maybe Sara did not have many friends, and she wanted to make sure to make a good Impression on these new friends. New friends can be exciting, and the thought of going to a party excited her more because she had never been to a party. Sarah was trying to impress these friends by doing things she had never done. The ways Sarah displayed cognitive dissonance was her excitement of having new friends, and doing something different, but at the same mime she was uneasy about going to the party because she knew she should be home and was worried that she may get caught, and get Into trouble with her parents.

She still had fun at the party and was glad that she went, but she still knew she should have been at home, and should have obeyed her parent's rules. Sara conformed to her peer"s beliefs by going to the party with them. They told her how much fun she would have, and she would be missing out if she did not go. Sara gave into peer pressure. Even though she knew this would cause problems with her parents, she anted her new friends to like her. That is why she gave into the peer pressure.

Sara also had the excitement of going to the party. She had never been to a party before and was excited as well as curious. Some of the reasons Jack was Interested In Sara was because he found her attractive, they both lived In the same neighborhood, and when they started talking they found out they had the same taste in music, and had some of the same hobbies. These are related to the factors of attraction. Physical attraction because Jack said Sara was beautiful. Proximity because Jack and Sara lives n the same neighborhood.

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Similarity because they found out they have the same taste In music, and had some of the same hobbles. Aggression was the type of social Interaction displayed through the fight at the party. The aggression started as yelling, and quickly turned into a physical fight. We are not sure what started the fight. It could have started as a simple misunderstanding, or maybe of the guys was talking to the other's girlfriend, and that started a fight. It could have been a case of bullying, alcohol may have been involved as well. There were also teens from different spinsterhood at the party.

This could be an issue If one is from a better part of town, so he thinks he may be better than the teen that does not have as much. Social even Sara and her friends. Up to the point of the fight, everyone was having a nice time at the party, but that stopped almost everyone's good time. Sarah's behavior was mostly influenced by her friends almost all night long. Starting off when they wanted her to go to the party. I'm sure she felt pressure, and wanted to fit in with her new friends. I believe that is why she said yes to them, and went to the party.

Obviously Sara knows right from wrong, but at 15 years old, she succumbed to peer pressure. Teenagers are easily more influenced at this age because they want to fit in with their friends. Sara was worried about get caught, and getting into trouble with her parents, but she knew she always had listened her parents, and never got into trouble. This made her think it would be all right, and she would not get into much trouble if she went to the party because she had never been in trouble. Sara and her friends were influenced to leave the party because of the fight that broke out.

If not for the fight, I am sure they would have stayed much longer. Looking back on the night, I am sure Sara may have had mixed emotions. Some positive, and some negative. On the positive she got to experience her first party with her new friends, and she met a boy at the party. On the negative she probably let her parents down by breaking curfew, and had them worried about her. Sara had to wonder if it were worth lying to her parents to have fun, or is her new friends, and the party more important. This is something Sara will need to have a look at in her life.

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