Contrast Between Night by Elie Weisel and Sarah’s Key

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Night by Elie Wiesel is about a boy name Elie whose family and community is taken to a concentration camp by German soldiers. The story goes on about how Elie lives in those camp, how he suffers and sees many people die right in front of him. His own father dying right before his eyes and he not being to do anything because he just couldn’t. In the book he tells his story about what horrible things and how horrible it was to live in a concentration trap. He talks about how his faith went up and down and how much pain he had to suffer.

He except of losing a leg and almost dying. He tells that there no one would help each other it was every man for himself. He never sees his mother or little sister ever again. His horrible, tragic, sad story about Elie touches me very much and reminds me of a movie I once watched called Sarah’s Key. The film starts out about this girl name Sarah who is startled by French policeman nocking at her door on July 16, 1942. Sarah knows who it is and tried to save her little 4 year old brother. Sarah locks him in a closet and based on what saw, the closet was the family’s secret hiding place.

Julia Jarmond is an American married to a French man living in Paris 2002. She is a journalist who is given the opportunity to write about the Vel’ d’ Hiv’ for the 60 year remembrance of this tragic event. The story then continues about how Sarah and her family got sent to be in a camp and then was separated from her dad. Later then the movies shows how Sarah goes through so much trouble trying to escape so she can return to her little brother and save him. She then unlike Night by Elie Wiesel finds a friend who helps her escape and goes back to her home. Sadly thought her friend dies after they escape and she goes through all this trouble

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