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Safeguarding Adults And Promoting Independence

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In this assignment I will be explaining how, the residential care home, of which I carried out my first placement; promotes independence and reduces the risk of abuse and neglect. I will do this by explaining and discussing: approaches, strategies, principles and will then evaluate the role of multi-agency working in reducing the risk of abuse. Although the residential care homes occupants, are all unable to fully look after themselves, primarily due to age and related health problems.

Each service user had a different set of needs that needed to be met, to provide adequate care and in order to reduce the risk of neglect or abuse. When taking into account a service user’s needs and independence, confidentiality, rights and overall care. The main requirements; employees, organisations and other care providers involved in the care of the residents of the care home are: To improve the service user’s way of life, provide choice; inform the service user and family of their treatment, recovery, and care plan and to protect. This is also known as the core principles of care/ care value base.

The principles and value that will follow, are the set standards expected to be followed by the care assistants and nurses. And for the service users of the home to receive. The principles the care home follows are; To support and encourage equality, diversity and to maintain confidentiality of the service users information and that the employees and employer deliver; respect, dignity, fairness, privacy and equality. The overall aim of the principles and standards is to improve the service users quality of life by making sure that each individual gets the care that is individually needed.

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A person-centred approach is an assessment analysis and Judgment, plan, implement and evaluate is an ongoing plan assessing an individual’s Needs. Effective communication between service users and employee to employee’s and practitioner to external professionals should be paramount. Anti-discriminatory practice must be practiced and maintained by the service providers and personal opinions and or dislikes should not be brought into the working environment in order to stay professional.

The service provider should aim to provide a safe secure and encouraging environment for adults they have a duty of care. The practitioners should focuses on the individual’s personal needs, wants, desires and goals so that they become central to the care process. Principles of person centred care 1. Getting to know the patient or client as a person: This focuses on building a relationship between the clinician and the patient/client and carers. Health professionals need to get to know the person beyond their diagnosis. 2.

Sharing of power and responsibility: This focuses on respecting preferences. It includes treating patients / clients as partners when setting goals, planning care and making decisions about care, treatment or outcomes. 3. Accessibility and flexibility: This focuses on meeting patients and clients individual needs by being sensitive to values, preference and expressed needs. It also focuses on giving the patient / client choice by giving timely, complete and accurate information in a manner they can understand so they can make choices about their care.

Safeguarding Adults And Promoting Independence essay

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