Roles and Responsibilities

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“Human resources management (HRM) refers to the management of people in organizations”. (Human Resources Management in Perspective, n. d. ) The primary role of HRM is to manage, retain, train, evaluate, and maintain human assets of an organization so that they can achieve organization’s goal. However, during the last few decades, a massive change in HRM role has been noticed because of ethical, technological, global, and work force diversities change factors.

Bundy (1997) also believes that “The changing role of human resources has tremendous implications not just for businesses, but for the human resources function and for all human resources professionals”. (Bundy, 1997) Now, HR professional are completely familiar with employment legislation, with new and advanced policies and procedures. Globalization Obviously, globalization has triggered an avalanche of change in human resource management.

In the last few years, almost all the US organizations reorganized, downsized, rightsized, or globalized their organizational structure in order to be more competitive and more successful in both domestic and international platforms. In this regard, HRM playing a fundamental role in helping organizations that how to serve better your employee and customers. Technology Certainly, organizations are mainly able to manufacture and market new products in a market because of technological inventions. Nevertheless, technology somehow changed the role of present HRM practices.

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In this regard, one can say that because of computer presence in offices has changed the meaning of work. And it can be said that, overall effect of technological changes impacting almost every field of an organization. (Human Resources Management in Perspective, n. d. ) To cope with these matters, with the help of HR professional, several organizations’ structures and employees’ jobs have been redesigned or restructured; new and worthy compensation and incentive plans have been introduced at al levels to provide employees job satisfaction.

Moreover, new job descriptions have been written and numerous new hiring, firing, training, and retaining progrmmes have been brought in many organizations. Furthermore, many organizations have been introduced new HRIF stands for human resource information system software that keeps employees’ detailed records such as payroll, government laws & regulations related to employees’, collective agreement and so forth. Moreover, due to technological advancement, this advanced HRIS software keeps records about employees’ health and safety issues, advertising jobs and hiring new employees, communication with employees and so on.

(Human Resources Management in Perspective, n. d. ) Diversity In present business world, Work force diversity has become a hot issue, and HRM is also facing some new problems. In this regard, it had become the dilemma for most of the organizations to deal with diversity issues among employees. In this context, HR professional again playing a huge role in organization’s success by creating favorable working condition for all employees. To get rid of diversity from organizations HR have planned some new rules such as permitting employees to have paid leaves in their especial festival and religion occasions.

In addition, changed policies of HR allowing all the workers equal promotion policies, equal fringe benefits for all workers and equal training and orientation activities for all workers. In this regard, Bundy (1997) also believes that “Organizations that embrace the new role of human resources will be more effective, both in leveraging their human capital and in managing the change that is necessary to succeed”. (Bundy, 1997) E-Business Changing role or HRM with respect of emergence e-commerce technologies has also introduced new challenges for HR professionals.

Interestingly, a new website name HR-Dept. com deals in all Human resource administrative functions for their customers. Ethics Employment growth rate has brought new employment laws, and according to Harris (n. d. ) “Work place litigation in the UK is likely to intensify the preoccupation of Human Resource (HR) specialists and line managers with demonstrating procedural fairness in their human resourcing practices” (Harris, n. d. ). Now, Human Resource professionals doing hard work to keep their organizations away from employments tribunal disputes, employees’ compensation programmes and so forth.

Furthermore, , several new employment rights and legal decisions have begun to restructure in quest of good employers’ employees’ relationships. Harris (n. d. ) also believes that changing role of HR specialist will bring both efficiency and justice. (Harris, n. d). Conclusion Conclusively, in these days there are enormous pressures on all organizations, because of uncertain environment changes in, political environment, employees’ diversity issues, competition, globalization, high rate of change in employees’ work tasks and so forth.

In order to built and run a strong human culture in an organization with respect of changing environments HRM must have to play its sound role. References Bundy R A. (1997).

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