Research Proposal – Local/Regional Economic Development

Last Updated: 10 Aug 2020
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Though, in order to achieve economic prosperity careful approach should be targeted on the differential policy needs of different places. Plus, there is a widespread sense that the forms of decentralization proposed for the English regions are too limited to have any larger impact. Throughout this research I would aim to identify gaps and deficits in English Regional governance and recommend solutions for addressing these challenges.

My background in economic development of deprived areas across Western Balkans, gained through leadership in international organizations recommends me highly for PhD research. The expertise which I developed is based mainly on the I-J experience and models of business incubators and energy efficiency schemes aiming to enhance sustainable velveteen. Therefore, I was working on transferring this experience and know-how to Montenegrin municipalities supporting entrepreneurs to develop ideas for generating income and increasing employment, thus contributing to better economic performances.

I was involved in matching their proposals with funding opportunities such as SAID Community Revitalization - Economic programmer, monitoring of projects and ensuring that regional disparities are reduced through these initiatives. Apart from the experience at the project level, I also had a chance to analyses various economic policy solutions of the government and their implications on business growth and regional development, advising on amendments of laws and policy directions.

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Furthermore, I was involved in designing regional development strategy, proposing measures for regeneration of northern deprived municipalities through Research Proposal - Local/Regional Economic Development and Regeneration By radicchio tourism. This contributed to more efficient implementation of defined strategic projects and initiatives, fostering systematic and comprehensive regional development. I am motivated to undertake the research related to regeneration due o the need for transforming previous economic trends, and therefore mark the way towards more innovative and sustainable solutions in accordance to EIJ2020 Strategy. Read also research proposal on Forensic Accounting

Therefore, I am interested in finding the right mechanisms for regenerating the current devolution systems and structures that underpin the economic processes, and find answers related to legitimacy and extent to which the economic governance can rest upon the existing foundations. The research would help me identify values, preferences and norms that should be embedded into public policy and regional agreements in order to address development challenges of deprived areas. I am enthusiastic to collect and analyze relevant data, putting it into the context of the CEDED research and outline directions for the application of results.

The qualitative and quantitative data should provide evidence of impact of public policy and interventions made so far, identify where the gaps currently are, and what are the most effective mechanisms for regeneration. The puzzle which I aim to resolve is related to capacity needed to Join up initiatives in interlinked policy fields, such as between transport, economic development, or rural policy, then how to make trustees adaptable enough to respond to different needs of English regions and finally how effectively are devolved and I-J-Bevel matters coordinated in new forms of intergovernmental relationship.

I am motivated to apply key findings and lessons learnt into my work and communicate them to relevant decision makers for economic development and regional governance. The wide range of networking and learning opportunities offered through multidisciplinary research in international education setting, is certainly the reason why PhD placement in Business School would be an excellent match for my academic interests.

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