Reproductive System

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Divisions of pituitary glands, hormones secreted by each Anterior Pituitary (dehydrogenation's) GHZ-Growth Hormone Protraction CATCH-Terminologically hormone FISH-Follicle-stimulating hormone LO-Eluting hormone Posterior Pituitary (neurophysiology) DAD-Antipathetic hormone Extinction Structures of Male & Female Reproductive Organs Males: Vass Deferent urethra Penis Glands Penis Prepuce (foreskin) Seminal Vesicle Ejaculatory duct Prostate Gland Polyurethane Gland Epidermis Testis Scrotum Female: Ovary uterus

Endometrial Anemometry Promethium (Pentium) Cervix Vagina Fallopian Tube Production of Sperm 1 . Testes 2. Epidermis 3. Vass deferent 4. Seminal Vesicle 5. Prostate gland 7. Urethra 8. Penis 9. Chromosome, #, gender determination 10. Zygote: 46 chromosomes (23 from egg, 23 from sperm) 11. Gender is determined at conception by the sperm (x) 12. Congenital vs... Hereditary Disease Congenital Disease: conditions are present at the time of birth Hereditary Disease: genetically transmitted 13. Mechanism of the Birth Control Pill 14. Is a pharmacological agent that contains estrogen & progesterone.

As the load levels of estrogen & progesterone increase, negative feedback inhibits the secretion of FISH by the anterior pituitary. This process prevents ovulation, no egg means no baby. 15. Endocrine Glands & Hormones secreted by each 16. Each gland are ductless glands, they secrete hormones directly into the blood and not into ducts Pituitary Glands-GHZ, Protraction, CATCH, FISH, LO, TTS, DAD, extinction Hypothalamus-releases a releasing hormone Pineal Gland-melatonin Thyroid -collocation, Thyroxin (TO), Trinitrotoluene (TO) Parathyroid-parathyroid hormone Thymus-thymine Adrenals-epinephrine, morphogenesis, lodestone, cortical

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Ovaries-estrogen & progesterone Pancreas-insulin & clangor Testes-Testosterone 17. Fertilization-gestation steps 18. The fertilized egg is called a zygote, zygote is the first cell off new individual. The zygote begins to divide, forming a cluster of cells, that slowly makes its way thru the fallopian tube towards uterus. 19. Hyper & Hypoglycemia, symptoms Hyperglycemia: Excessive thirst Fruity odor in breath Excretion of large volume of urine Excessive eating Hypoglycemia: Fainting Weakness 20. 1. 24. 25. 26. 27. Uterine Cycle Loss of a part of the endometrial lining & blood The Proliferation Phase: The inner lining thickens & becomes vascular, primarily in response to estrogen The Secretors Phase: The endometrial lining is becoming lush & moist from increased secretors activity, the secretors phase is dominated by progesterone 28. Ovarian Cycle: 29. Phases: follicular phase & ululate phase The ululate phase of the ovarian cycle begins immediately after ovulation & is dominated by the secretion of progesterone by the corpus lutetium In the nonappearance state the corpus lutetium deteriorates In the pregnant state the corpus lutetium stays alive because of human chronic intimidation (hug) During follicle phase the ovarian follicle mature & secretes estrogen 30. Cushing syndrome 31 . Hyperactive adrenal; deterioration Moon face Buffalo Facial hair Easily bruises 32.

Grave's Disease 33. Hyperthyroidism; characterized by an increase in heart rate, increase in peristalsis resulting in diarrhea, elevation in body temperature, hyperactivity, weight loss & wide emotional mood swings 34. Insulin & Cellophane Fax Insulin: Secreted by beta cells of the islets of Lanterns; helps regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, & fats; lowers blood glucose levels Cellophane: Secreted by the alpha cells of the islets of Lanterns; raises blood glucose levels 35.

Vermin & Langue Vermin Cases: The skin is covered by a white, cheese-like substance. Thought to protect the delicate fetal skin from the amniotic fluid. Langue: When the fetus grows, its skin becomes covered by a fine downy hair 36. 37. 39. 40. Gestational Stages (pregnancy) 41. The time of prenatal developmental: Normal gestation period lasts 38 weeks or about 9 moss. Divided into trimesters: 1st semesters: months 2nd trimester: months 4,5,6 3rd trimesters: months,8,9 42. Iatrogenic Agents Drugs Alcohol Radiation Thalidomide

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