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Report on an interview

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On October 16th, I spoke with hypermarkets customer concerning the products and services that they are offering. The interviewee was 28 year old man, who is single and he is living with his parents and sister .

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Report on an interview

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. 000 KM which is above average annual income per household in Sarajevo. His generally view on hypermarkets is positive and he thinks they are great because they offer a large selection of different products in one place.

He regularly visits specific Hypermarket and he has chosen Mercator solely for the diversity of it’s products and brands, and the availability of everything necessary in one place. When it comes to choosing products to purchase, quality plays a critical role and price of the particular product is less relevant. When I asked him about Mercator’s line of products for personal hygiene, the responses could conclude that he does not like them because they are cheap and available to everyone, which he considers to mean lower quality.

He likes to buy products with tested quality and brand name means a lot to him when deciding on purchasing a particular product. Based on the above I conclude that his motives for purchases are emotional, such as pride, attraction and status. Purchasing products of famous brands, he acknowledges his social status, for which he paid a higher price and he is sure that he receives and the higher quality. When it comes to product brand, which he prefers, rarely gives up the quest, and hardly find a particular product substitutes which represents the characteristics of loyal consumers.

People who buy cheaper products, such as Mercator’s line of products for personal hygiene “potpuna njega”, he perceives as a lower class with lower income to whom quality is not at the first place, who primarily watch price of the specific product. Based on information gathered in-depth interview I can say that the influence of family, culture, and social status, at the attitude of respondents toward a particular product is very pronounced and depends primarily on financial and leisure habits.

It should be noted that past experience is very important for him, and that future decisions about the purchase depends on his personal past experience. Listen Read phonetically He uses the Internet as a source of information about different products, but he does not visit a Web sites of domestic hypermarkets, because he thinks that they are not regularly updated and can not find new information by visitng them. And he's also never read the advertising post and promotional flyers

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