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Overview of the movie The film revolves around the central character of the film, Kabir Khan, the ex-star player of Indian Hockey, who had lost an opportunity to score a goal under penalty stroke and was accused of fixing match with the Opposite team (Pakistan). After seven years, he emerges from nowhere to coach the Indian Women hockey team from scratches. Even he dares to challenge selectors have a clash with the formidable Indian Men team to get selected for participation in World Cup. Team is rag bunch of girls with own agenda [pic] ? The film based on a real-life story makes a deeper impact on the students of management.

They can visualize the concept of the story and apply it in job areas later on. ? It provides guidance for not only being an effective manager but also how to be best and a role model for others in whichever area they enter," ? ‘CHAK DE’ helps us to understand concepts like human resource management, strategy, motivation, determination, leadership skills, ambition, teamwork and making the most out of the worst kind of situations. ? The film proves that "Where there is a will, there is a way” Importance of teamwork “None of us are as Strong as all of us….. [pic] The Benefits of team work are as follows: ? Increased Productivity ? Improved customer service ? More flexible system ? Employee empowerment ? Competitive advantage ? More ideas 7 c’s of teamwork 1. Commitment ? It is the foundation for synergy in groups ? The time spent up front getting all team members on the same track will greatly reduce the number of derailments or emergency rerouting 2. Contribution ? The power of an effective team is in direct proportion to the skills member possess and the initiative members expend. Each one in a team should contribute because if a few team members shoulders most of the burden,the team runs the risk of member burnout, or worse – member turn-off. ? To enhance balanced participation on a work team, leaders should consider three factors that affect th elevel of individula contribution : inclusion, confidende and empowerment. 3. Communication ? For a work group to reach its full potential, members must be able to say what they think, ask for help, share new or unpopular idea. ? Communication should be friendly, open and positive. To enhance team communication, leadres can provide skill r=training in listening, responding and the use of languages as well as meeting managemnt, feedback and consensus building. 4. Cooperation ? F. A. C. T. S. model of effective team member behaviors (follow-through, accuracy, creativity, timeliness and spirit) may serve as a guide for helping teams identify behaviors that support synergy within the work team. 5. Conflict Management ? It is inevitable that teams of bright, diverse thinkers will experience conflict from time to time Leaders help work teams to manage conflict effectively, the team will be able to maintain trust and tap the collective power of the team. 6. Change Management ? Tom Peters, in Thriving on Chaos, writes "The surviving companies will, above all, be flexible responders that create market initiatives. This has to happen through people. " It is no longer a luxury to have work teams that can perform effectively within a turbulent environment. ? It is a necessity. Teams must not only respond to change, but actually initiate it. 7. Connections When a work team is connected to the organization, members discuss team performance in relationship to corporate priorities, customer feedback, and quality measures. ? When a work team has developed strong connections among its own members, peer support manifests itself in many ways. Relating 7 c’s to CHAK DE INDIA Team building process in the film is very significant. Sixteen players from different parts of the country with different backgrounds and diversity meet for the first time for a common cause. Relating each C of team work to “CHAK DE INDIA” 1) Commitment The initial entry of the players of the team is interesting. The players introduce themselves as representative of their respective states in the introductory session, except Vidya Sharma, who says that she is from India, which subsequently makes her way to be captain of the team. ” Mujhe Sirf ek mulk ka naam sunaai deta hai – I.. n.. dia “ This shows that the leader wants the team to be aware of their goal and be committed to it. The coach is committed to achieve the goals and he wants every members commitment • There was emergency derailment or rerouting, when they go abroad to play for the world cup. ) Contribution • Team also need self-leadres who takes responsibility for getting thing done . This quality can be observed in Vidhya Sharma. • Bindia naik is seniuor player, however work team need people who have strong technical and inrepersonal skills and willing to learn. She was not at all willing to learn and lacked in interpersonal skills. • At the end, When team was in need of Bindia Naik ,the coach empowered her and she was motivated to play well and the taem had won against Argentina. She aws only the player who could break back to back manning of the opponent. 3) Communication The goals are clearly communicated to the team by the their coach. • The coach’s approach in training the team is not friendly. • It has been oserved that the coach comminicates the team in a negative for eg . Women can not play hockey, however this motivates the team to play much better. • Open communication can be oserved when the coach is training all the girl and pointing out their mistake. He was giving a fair feedback ,so that the team will improve. 4) Cooperation • “We do it right the first time” this has been lacking in the movie cause they had lost very badly in their match with Australia. Preeti and Komal are the girls who play for them selves, not for the country. They hardly cooperate with each other. How ever, in the crucial final match, they come together and work together to ensure that India wins. • Creativity Can be observe when all the team members forgive mistake , respect differences and cooperates with each other to achieve the goal • Gunjan the senior player keeps her ego aside, and develop a generous spirit (You cant have your way all the time and –to add value develop a generous team spirit) 5) Conflict Management The Coach Changes the sleeping position of the girlto resolve confluict and encourage team spirit. He also passes a rule that no staying with your state girl. • Komal Chautala (Chitrasi Nayak), the ace center forward of Haryana state gets punished for entering into an argument with Preeti and punished for a week with 5 similar offenders. • In the same way Balbir Kaur, Aliya Bose, Bindia Nayak and the one more girl from Darjeeling gets punished for misbehaving. • At the end Komal & Preeti Resolve their conflict and the team had won the final match against Australia ) Change Management • Bindia Nayak, the right half senior most player for her lifetime from Railways is dormant for her cool reaction in the field and become water –girl for the team during the world cup . She is neutralized several times in the film for her ego. Even if she is most professional player of the team, she is not allowed to play for her undisciplined behaviour. • Her position was changed from forward to center • When you need the best, by pass all your rules and call her. SRK goes and requests her to play when India has to confront Korea.

She was the need of the time. Punch word-Compromise with the ego. • 7) Connections • Coach tries to develop a connection between the team to encourage team spirit. • Some times crisis and conflicts help in team building. The show down with the street Romeos in the McDowell outlay was the foundation of team building and confidence building. Punch point-When there is a crisis, the team members come together. • In the finals all team members develops a sort of connection including Preet & Komal. [pic]

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