Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice and Leadership

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For any company to stay at a competitive edge, it must embrace technological advancement, keep productive professionals staff and good management. In this case of the engineering company which has grown to a large organisation, it has to set proper company structures to make the system ran and perform at optimal point.

Usually, company structures are hierarchical where by a manager has team under him/her of sub managers who are usually three to seven. This sub managers have their subordinates and thus manager them. This type of structure can be effective in maximizing the human resources; nevertheless this kind of company structures is prone to weak communication and the accountability of the tasks given suffer across the company structure at one level. This kind of management also is hard to monitor and to track the performance of a particular manager and know the project status at any particular time.

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Although it has been noted that that this system works well with big organisation  dealing in manufacturing it has proved to fail in areas where the company has a specific design and is involved in making of big and complicated technical system like the engineering company. With the advent of more technology and a lot of competition from different players, Tyne and Wear Company need to embrace a competitive edge and apply prudent business organisation structures. [1]

Quality is a very important area that a company must emphasis, for any business company to stay competitive it must have high quality and keep on improving the quality as to stay at the top. There fore the need for quality management is highly required in this company. It is important that quality assurance personnel be employed and the standards set by national bodies and international engineering standards are followed to the later.

In the modern world of engineering production, an item is checked its quality right from the production area to the very end of packaging. In this system the item is checked for quality as it passes from one stage to another and in case of any problem it is corrected at the source instead of undoing the whole process. So by the company creating and designing world class designs and materials it will be able to capture a world class market and keep it.

In an engineering company the process of design and creating items will be continuous, therefore, they core functions also may be modified to go with time. But for the Tyne and wear company we can say that they will basically have the following key functions. The main business functions of engineering organisation can be broadly be classified in the major business needs. This are:

Company personnel planning, where by professional engineers requirement are met which include examining the qualification of present workforce and forming teams to carry out activities of the organisation. Coming up with personnel development plans for these professional engineers will include interviews for new recruited staff.

The organisation should also retain the key staff to demonstrate that the company values career development. Design and creating products to cater for market demands that can be used to satisfy the customers or clients’ needs.

Engineering organisation will have different process and functions which must work together to ensure a high production. The processes of the organisation will include designing, implementing and production. The process will be determined by the main items the company is involved in producing. This process will be related to the functions of the professional engineer which will be undertaken by the engineer to achieve the set goal. The functions of the organisation are generic which means that they can be applied in many areas. The fundamental relationship between process and the function of the company will be in production. The main striking success will be the coordination mechanisms, which will lead to a collective forecasting and a lasting relationship between production and sales. [2]

As noted the key function of a company is achieving set targets and goals. Therefore, work management is very crucial, especially when it comes to keeping the specifications and standards of a design. This ensures reliability from the company and also leads for quality to be maintained. In keeping standards the company will produce items according to international set standards which will enable the company to exploit a wider market as its products will be world wide acceptable. Thus this will improve the sales and lead to high returns which can be further utilized in company expansion.

Since this company is an engineering one it is also paramount that it the management should set internal controls to maintain those standards so that the goals of the company are achieved. In addition the realization that the foundation of effective organisation lies in coordination of work, employees and good relationships is important to managing work and set standards of the Tyne and Wear engineering company. [3]


The way to stay up is to have a cohesive and a well functioning company structure that will work and produce quality and high returns. For this company I will recommend they embrace the “engineering management group.” Where by we have work groups consisting of experts who work as a team. This ensures a collective responsibility, the system of having one person controlling others does not lead to better quality and production. The goodness of this system is that it will improve quality and reduce the risks, any engineering work projects will be quickly done and those who are specialist will work as a team there by keeping their profession as they work contributing ideas and skills for the betterment of the company.

The company also should establish a mechanism of competency assessment design for assess all company employees who are in charge of carrying out professional functions. This design will include section and training of assessors, formulating assessment periods, carrying out the assessment and collecting the assessment data. The goodness of this system is that it is easy to understand and implement, it also gives quick and correct information about the development of the organisation. This system of management will loss cut down costs and provides a quick response in terms of new changes to be implemented as the structures provides for workgroup which are more effective. This type of organisation will ensure minimal wastage and control on overproduction.

In addition, it is also clear that the model will delegate collective responsibility to all workers and maintain control. So this is an effective way to provide continuous production and a good flow of communication between the management and the workers. This system of management can be combined with the modern way of managing organisations which is known as Industrial re engineering which incorporates things like cell production where by flow of products determines the layout of machines and the processes.

It also has mass production and excises preventive maintenance. The importance of this system of management is that it puts a lot of focus on human factors of production which includes standard operations, quality control, machines operating manning structures and constant improvement of these factors to maintain better production. If the engineering company employ this management structure it will lead to better quality items and improved production


For Tyne and Wear engineering company to be competitive and keep up with modern trend of management, the management structure of the company must change and company structures should be created in form of work groups which work as a team by preparing engineering designs, administer, implement and continue with the management system. Which creates a frame work that can be used to create a design and it is also controlled. The idea of one individual at the top and making all the decision is outdated. As it has been noted when you use a workgroup or re engineering model you will gain more production, smooth and good communication between the employees and cut down on production costs.


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