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Reflection Ronaldo Macedo Presentation

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Presentation Reflecting upon, Ronald Macedon presentation I took that one can dream big and accomplish our goals, If we work hard for them. By using one of the most Import NT tools any human being can have, education. Ronald Macedon, mentioned how he and his family came to the united States as Immigrants, and he worked as a Mechanic as young guy. But there was one person, a mentor who believed in him and in his potent till to do greater things. He knew that Ronald Macedon, can achieve a higher education cause he had talent.

As a consequence, Ronald Macedon went on to college,and is now a prestigious professor at university of Massachusetts. He talked about the importance of using education, and providing the same opportunities for all children regardless of where they come from. He mentioned there is an alarming drop out rat e of students of color, in high schools across the country, and that as professional educators we have the potential to create changes. Therefore we should not have limitations in what we can do, but open opportunities so that children can have a bet ere future for themselves.

I thought it was inspiring to hear someone, who came from living in a low income community,and from a family who came as immigrants, rise to the top and be such an Influential and inspiring person to many people around the world. I persona did feel that he was able to communicate his message across the audience In a way that motivated me to become more Informed and be able to find the resources needed d to help children stay In school and Inspire them to think about their future and become me well educated citizens.

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Reflection Ronaldo Macedo Presentation

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