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Today I would like to talk to you about a rather large problem. It is responsible for most of the deforestation In the world, It has caused lots of damage to the bio-sphere and atmosphere. It has caused huge amounts of damage to the species living In the rainforest's. This problem Is catastrophic and caused by us humans. If some of you are thinking Its palm 011, your rightly (change) What is palm oil? Palm oil is a highly saturated oil that comes from the fruit of a palm tree growing in tropical climates. Today most palm oil is produced in Indonesia and Malaysia. Rainforest's are destroyed to make room for palm oil plantations.

These areas, which are the lungs of the world and home to native wildlife, are destroyed at an alarming rate. Every hour rainforest's the size of over 300 football fields are cleared. (change) As much as hundred different species are now becoming extinct every day. Some animals that are becoming close to extinct are the Sumatra and Borne Orange- tan, the Sumatra tiger, the pigmy elephant and the Sumatra rhino. Ten years ago there were still over 1 50,000 orange-tans in the wild and that number has dropped to 30,000 today! Sumatra tiger and rhino numbers have dropped dramatically to having only 30-40 in the wilds. Change) Every year at least 1,500 orange-tans die cruelly when beaten to death by plantation workers as they are considered a pest and some of these beautiful animals are burnt to death by the uncontrolled fires to clear land, which also kills hundreds of other fauna and flora species. There Is a huge risk that none of these animals will be living in the wild by he year 2020, because of the fact the demand for palm OLL Is huge and Increasing. (change) Although, 30 years ago, no many products contained palm oil, today palm oil is in 50% of our products. It's in confectionery foods, food items, personal care items and house care products.

It may surprise you that some of your favorite products are contributing to the palm oil problem. Startups, Skittles, Mars chocolate, Ores, Nutshell, Ben and Jerry, Amiability, cover girl cosmetics and thousands more. Re deliberately not labeling their products clearly and this makes it harder to identify products containing palm oil. Consumers can help by learning the other names that are potentially used like vegetable oil or one of the 30 different chemical or common names Lists are available on the WFM and the Melbourne Zoo websites. Here you will also find lists of products and brands to avoid as well as better alternative choices.

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Other things you can do to help are, -Educate yourself about the problem -Spread the message to those around you -Join campaigns and fundraisers Make a conscious decision to stop using palm oil and let manufacturers know that you want them to switch to alternative oils -Buy ethical products and support companies that are doing the right thing -Encourage your government to change labeling laws -Encourage your government to aid affected communities and help them to find alternative income sources, for example tourism and sustainable plantations I hope that this will inspire you to become a crusader for Orange-tans.

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