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Treaty of Versailles Oral Presentation

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Treaty of Versailles Oral presentation Good day national leaders I welcome you to our palace here at Versailles I am Prime Minister Georges Clemencies of the Third French Republic. A leader is a dealer in hope and I Intend top deliver hope to my nation by taking It away from our enemies. The people of France want Germany to be severely punished, not pardoned. I say this because it was that country that started the war. I say this because it was that country's fault that many so soldiers perished in battle and it was because of that entry that billions of those American dollars which seem so common these days have been spent on war funds.

You say that we need to treat Germany in fairness; you say that we need to do this so they do not start another war. Well I say that by treating that swine loving nation fair you treat my beautiful France unfair. We must be compensated so that we do not start a war against them, not the other way around. President Wilson gives fourteen points. These points are impractical and only one of them directly favors France. That is the one that states we will regain control of Lace and Lorraine, a region which Is rightfully ours anyway.

Many of these points are In favor of Germany and It is as If the President Is Implying that we started the war and not the Germans. I find this insulting to say the very least. We should be marching on Berlin right now not having this 'peace conference', Why do you think that this conference is in France and not Germany? Because we won! We should treat them like we won, with dire consequence, and that we are no longer afraid of them instead of cowering and favoring them like you insist.

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The united States of America had only been In the war for a year and was not faced with the same level of suffering that my country was. They lost less than one tenth of what France did. What say do they have in this treaty besides the claim that were it not them the war would have lasted longer. To be blunt Mr. Wilson points are stupid. Instead fathom I would like to appoint my own, points which I think are fair for us. The first point is this; that Berlin Is put under French control so that any talk of restarting a war may be dealt with.

My second point Is that Germany divides Into the kingdoms of Prussia and Rangeland City states that is was before 1871 . These nations will then become protectorates of our France and Britain so we can assure that there will be no more war. We must also be compensated for the loss of Fife and infrastructure that has occurred on us. These points are much more reasonable for France than the '14 points' and we put the French population at ease and make recovery much easier. My nation has suffered greatly In the war and am sure that Prime Minister George an agree with me on these points.

Our economies and industries have been been all but destroyed. We have lost millions of men, shot dead by the German usurpers. Farmers, factory workers, and market owners all killed. The fathers and sons of families, the children of France killed in their very own fields; struck down by German guns and disease. What must we do to make you realize that we have suffered as well? I hope gentlemen that you can realize what must be done to ensure another war does not break out. Thankful.

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