Reflection Essay on Learning Experiences

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for Educational Psychology Cecille Ann C. Pilapil, MS, MA, CIOP Name of Student: KO, KATHERINE Y. Section: 2PSY4 | | |I really want to be a teacher. Children are my passion and it has always been my biggest dream to help them, to impart my knowledge to them, | |and to be able to understand and relate to them.

In this world that rapidly changes and grows, the role of a teacher proves very essential in | |every child’s process of learning. | | | |In the past, I admit that I used to take the “easy way out” in studying; I relied immensely on rote memorization to pass my subjects. I would | |spend hours and hours just memorizing different terms and concepts, without truly understanding what this or that means.

It was not that I | |didn’t care about the courses I took, but only because I wanted to have high grades and I thought that just memorizing everything would make | |it easier, but soon came to understand that it simply did not. When it came to practical situations, I had a rather difficult time applying | |myself. I didn’t know how to put words into action, and I became quite anxious because if I wanted to be successful in the future, I had to | |learn how to adapt.

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If I wanted to be a teacher, first, I had to appreciate the process of learning and understanding. | | | |What I really loved about my Educ Psych class is that I was able to learn a lot through doing the things I enjoy, like watching films to help | |better understand different concepts, engaging in group discussions, interacting with my classmates, and just laughing and having fun with | |each other.

As a class, we were taught the value of team work; we function as a single unit. This really brought me and my classmates closer | |to one another. Educ Psych had really helped us see why it is so important for us to know each other and why we should support and respect one| |another; all of these are necessary to achieve integrity. Our motto was “Do what you say, say what you do,” and this has helped us in so many | |ways, not only in school but also at home, and in our relationships with others. | | |This subject did not only give me insight on what it would be like to be a teacher, but I was also able to take a good glimpse on how much a | |teacher can change students’ lives, simply by listening to them, by encouraging them, by investing not only academic learning time but also | |quality time with them, and simply, by being their friend and caring for them. | | |Another important lesson for me is that being a good student is not at all about looking good in front of your professors and classmates, or | |receiving high grades. What really defines a good student is how she is able to value the knowledge she obtains inside the classroom and | |applies all those lessons learned in real life.

This class has helped me mature in so many ways – in relating with my classmates, in relating | |with my professors, and in relating with myself. This class had pried open my mind and helped me learn how to combine my knowledge with | |action. |

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